Biggest Myths busted for IELTS Exam!! | IELTS Myths and Truth

Busting the most common myths about the IELTS exam

The IELTS test is all about knowing the test-taker's English language proficiency to ensure that the test-taker will be able to survive in a foreign country where English is the first language, spoken or written. However, the students seem to have a lot of misconceptions about the IELTS exam which is why they happen to make a lot of mistakes and lose bands, just with the view to flaunt their knowledge of the language. Here are a couple of them busted.

  1. Using the American accent or the British accent in the IELTS test does not make any difference in the band scores. Both are equally impactful, provided the same accent is used consistently throughout the test.

  2. Using complex words of vocabulary does not guarantee a higher band score. It is an absolute myth. Lexical resources can only lead to a good band score if used accurately. Infact, using a tough word of vocabulary just to impress the examiner without actually understanding about its usage will surely lead to losing bands.

  3. Speaking more does not help to achieve a higher band score. Rather, speak just as much as is required of you and ofcourse, make sure it is quality speaking. Use a range of sentences put together accurately to impress the examiner