Understanding the Secrets of IELTS Reading | IELTS Reading Tips


The Reading Module has lengthy passages of approximately 12,000 words. In the Academic Reading, this length is divided into 3 long passages while in the General Training Reading Module, the same length covers multiple short passages.

The test-takers have to answer 40 questions in 60 minutes and the answers are all objective type. The best part is, there is no negative marking.

Every passage has a different technique to apply given the type of questions it covers (True/false/Not Given OR Yes/ No /Not Given, Completion type questions, MCQs and Matching type questions).

However, it is quite evident that the questions usually cover information based on either numbers, names or some type of relevant observations or trends. Thus, techniques like Annotation, Skimming and Scanning along with looking through the keywords come to the rescue since the student is able to source the answers easily by following these techniques.

  • ANNOTATION- Marking or highlighting the information with some unique identification mark like, square bracketing the numbers, encircling the names and underlining the relevant observations and trends.

  • SKIMMING AND SCANNING- Reading the first two lines and the last two lines of the passage.

  • VOCABULARY- Knowing vocabulary and synonyms actually help a lot.


The most important rule in attempting the Reading comprehension passages is that NO ASSUMPTIONS SHOULD BE MADE.