Academic Reading Score Guide for IELTS with Expert Advice & Sample Questions

Academic Reading Score Guide for IELTS 2024: Expert Advice and Sample Questions

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The IELTS Academic Reading Score is not just a part of the exam; it's a crucial determinant of your overall band score. Therefore, it's essential to prepare with expert advice and solve the IELTS academic reading practice test to secure a good band in the exam. 

Are you ready to conquer the IELTS Academic Reading test and elevate your score with expert guidance?

If you are going to appear in the IELTS Academic 2024 exam, then this blog is for you. 

This comprehensive guide is focused on IELTS Academic Reading score 2024 offers expert advice on achieving a good score, and sample questions and answers to help you prepare effectively.

IELTS Academic Reading Score 2024

The IELTS Academic Reading is the same as other sections on a scale of 0 to 9 bands, with half-band increments. In this section, there will be 3 reading passages with 40 questions. Your final score is an average of the scores obtained in each of the three reading passages.

Here's a breakdown of what each IELTS Academic Reading band score represents:

IELTS Academic Reading Band Score Raw scores





























How to Get a Good IELTS Academic Reading Score – Expert Advice

Below, you can check the IELTS Academic Reading Tips suggested by experts. You can follow these tips to get a good score in the IELTS Academic Reading section.


Improve your Grammar and Vocabulary

A strong knowledge of the English language (grammar and a rich vocabulary) is the first step to understanding complex texts. Regular reading and vocabulary-building exercises will help you improve your grammar and vocabulary for English proficiency.


Understand the Difficult Language

IELTS Academic Reading texts often contain complex language. Understanding the difficult language will help you to focus on key points of the context. In this regard, learning new words and checking their synonyms is the key to understanding the difficult language. You can make a chart of new words or read regularly to learn them. In addition, you should try to use them in your sentences.


Check Synonyms of New Words

Words in the questions that can be changed for related words in the narrative are known as synonyms. Synonyms emphasise how well you comprehend the context. Therefore, when you come across unfamiliar words, try to deduce their meanings based on context and look for synonyms or similar words that might provide clues. You must comprehend the relationships and associations between these words. Using related synonyms in the answer will make a strong impression on the examiner and help to boost your score.


Learn Time Management Skills

As we all know, the reading section is time-bound. Candidates have to solve 40 questions in 60 minutes, so practising the questions in the set time-span is important.Time management skills will help you to boost your speed with accuracy. So, you should set your time limits for each passage during your practice sessions.


Read the Key Points from Passages

Identifying the main idea and key points of each passage is crucial as it will give you a clear understanding of what the answer can be. Regular practice will help you to find the key points so that you can apply them while answering. Moreover, it will improve your ability to extract essential information.


Focus on Writing Skills

Reading a paragraph or content with clarity and precision always attracts readers. So, writing your responses in clear, legible handwriting is vital, as it will directly affect your reading score. Your responses will be written by hand, and if you write your answers in good handwriting in a clear manner, then it will help improve readability of your answers.


Skim and Scan the Paragraph

During the initial reading, skim the passage to get an overall sense of its content. When searching for specific answers, use scanning techniques to locate keywords.


Use Paraphrasing to Score Well

Paraphrasing involves expressing the same ideas using different words. It's a valuable skill for understanding and answering questions in your own words. So, try to use synonyms and other words while changing the line. It will give the idea to the examiner that you know the complex language and are ready to study abroad.

IELTS Academic Reading Sample Questions and Answers

Below, you can check some sample Questions along with their answers. You can also get a Free IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test from the Prepare IELTS (PI) website.

Question 1. Urban farming primarily involves the practice of growing food in rural areas.

Answer - No

Question 2. Urban farming helps reduce the carbon footprint by decreasing the distance between production and consumption.

Answer - Yes

Question 3. One of the key principles of urban farming is the utilisation of otherwise unused or ______________ spaces to produce fresh, locally-grown food.

Answer - Underutilized

Question 4. Urban farming initiatives strategically placed in food deserts can provide a local source of fresh fruits, vegetables, and ____________, improving residents; access to healthier options.

Answer - Herbs

Question 5. Technological advancements play a pivotal role in the success of urban farming, such as vertical farming, which leverages hydroponic and _____________ systems to cultivate crops in controlled environments.

Answer – Aeroponic


IELTS Academic Reading test is a gateway to academic opportunities in English-speaking universities. Achieving a good score requires a combination of language skills, comprehension abilities, and effective strategies. Above, we have provided you with the IELTS Academic Reading Expert advice to improve your score.

By following this expert advice, practising regularly, and honing your reading skills, you can increase your chances of securing a high score and opening doors to your academic aspirations.

We hope you get a clear idea of how to improve your IELTS Academic Reading Score with expert advice. Now, use these techniques and solve IELTS Reading Practice test papers from the PI Website.

If you need further guidance, please contact Prepare IELTS (PI) expert counsellors. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best advice in the IELTS exam.

You can get a one-on-one counselling session online via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388.


No, you are not allowed to use a dictionary or any other reference materials during the test.

It's recommended to spend about 20 minutes on each reading passage to ensure you have enough time to read and answer the questions.

Yes, it's a good strategy to read the questions first to understand what information you need to look for in the passage.

Practice is the key to improving reading speed. Regularly read academic texts, newspapers, and books to enhance your reading speed and comprehension. You can also take PI Sample Test Papers for IELTS Academic Reading to practice the questions and improve your score.


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