Common IELTS Speaking Topics with Answers

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Common IELTS Speaking Topics


The speaking module is one of the most challenging portions for students to complete on the IELTS exam. Unlike other IELTS modules, students must communicate directly with the examiner in order to appear for this module. The IELTS speaking section consists of three parts. Part 1 has basic introductory questions, Part 2 contains a brief discussion, and Part 3 contains a more in-depth conversation with the examiner concerning the topic covered in Part 2.

Now, you must be considering the types of IELTS speaking questions. Don't worry! In this blog, we will address typical IELTS speaking topics and provide answers. So let's get started.


Commonly Asked IELTS Speaking Questions With Answers: Part 1

The first part of the IELTS speaking test lasts about 4-5 minutes. You may be asked to introduce yourself and speak about two or three personal themes. Here are some IELTS speaking question and response samples.


Question: Where is your hometown?

Answer: My hometown is Jaipur, which is located in the northwestern part of the country, in the Rajasthan state. It is also popularly known as the pink city. 


Question: What do you do in your free time?

Answer: Actually, I participate in a lot of sports. I primarily play cricket with a local team on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons. I also play tennis and basketball when I can, but I don't have time to do so every week. 


Question: Do you like listening to music? 

Answer: Yes, I do listen to music in my spare time or when doing housework. However, I try not to listen to music when studying or working because it distracts me.


Question: Do you prefer a desktop or a laptop?

Answer: I prefer to use a laptop because it is portable. I can transport it when travelling. With a laptop, work becomes more adaptable.  


Question: Which is your favourite food?

Answer: My favourite food would be pizza as it contains a lot of veggies and has a delicious taste. 


Question: How many family members are there in your house?

Answer: I have 3 other members in my house, apart from me, my mother, father, and a small sister. 


Question: What have you done in your studies?

Answer: I have completed a BBA (bachelor’s in Business Administration) in marketing as a specialisation. 

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Question: Which is your favourite season of the year?     

Answer: My favourite season is monsoon, as during that time the weather remains quite pleasant with temperatures that are not too cold or not too hot. 


Question: What is the most famous shopping centre in your city/area?

Answer: I live in Jaipur. The most popular shopping destination in my city is Johri Bazar, which is located in the heart of the city. We can buy almost anything at an economical price there.


Question: Do you live in a house or a flat?

Answer: I reside in a flat with two other flatmates. It is a big three-bedroom apartment with all modern conveniences. I prefer it because we have 24-hour security on standby.

Commonly Asked IELTS Speaking Questions With Answers: Part 2

The examiner will allow you 1-2 minutes to speak on specific themes in IELTS Speaking Part 2. IELTS speaking topics with answers vary, but the majority are about people, things, places, activities, and previous events. The examiner will hand you a pen and some paper with questions written on it. You will have one minute to go over the questions and make notes on the paper. You can answer using the notes. The questions in this section are straightforward. Here are some samples of IELTS speaking part 2 questions and answers:


Question: What do you like most about your studies?

Answer: I like that marketing is about acquiring practical skills rather than theory. Also, Marketing studies give a unique competitive advantage: You can learn how to promote yourself and your work. After all, marketing studies help you understand the true meaning of value: The value of the product and the value of the person or brand that delivers said product.


Question: Is there a lot to do in your town?

Answer: Yes, there is a lot to do there because it is a rather large city. There are several fantastic restaurants and bars if you enjoy going out in the evening. There are museums and art galleries if you enjoy cultural pursuits. However, if you enjoy nature, other options outside of the city are easily accessible. 


Question: What is your job?

Answer: I am currently employed as an office manager at a large marketing firm. I've been with the company for nearly five years. I'm usually allocated to work with a certain company to increase sales through various marketing methods.


Question: Tell something about your family members.

Answer: My father is a businessman by profession, and my mother is a homemaker. Meanwhile, my younger sister is studying at the 10th standard currently. 

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Question: Have your hobbies changed when you were a child?

Answer: In reality, not much. I used to enjoy playing cricket when I was younger, and I did so a lot in school. Of course, I did all the other things that kids enjoyed, such as going on bike rides after school.


Question: How much time do you devote to your family?

Answer: Because I am a student, I only have time with my family on weekends. We intend to go on a picnic, watch films or have dinner outside. I treasure these moments because they allow us to re-establish our family ties.


Question: What kinds of novels do you enjoy reading?

Answer: I usually enjoy reading biographies. I'm not sure why, but I find it fascinating to read about people's genuine lives, especially when they've had intriguing lives and faced numerous challenges. I read fiction as well, although it's often tough to find a book that I really enjoy. I also enjoy reading books about current events.


Question: What is the most famous shopping centre in your city/area?

Answer: Personally, I am not a big shopper. Only on rare occasions do I need to purchase something. These instances could include purchasing a gift for a loved one, purchasing any necessary products for myself, and going shopping as a family. As a result, I don't feel compelled to go shopping, but there should be a compelling cause.


Question: Where do you go for eating? Why?

Answer: I don't go out to eat that often. As a result, I prefer buying food online and enjoying it. It offers me more pleasure, and I don't have to dress up. 


Question: What are the other common activities people do in your country to pass free time?

Answer: In my country, the younger generation is more interested in sports. They aspire to be like their sports idol. Apart from that, they have a keen interest in starting their own business and taking the country’s economy to another level.

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Commonly Asked IELTS Speaking Questions With Answers: Part 3

Part 3 lasts about 4-5 minutes. To answer the questions, you can use examples, explanations, and comparisons. You can use terms and phrases like, for example, because, in contrast, such as, on the other hand, and so on. Part 3's questions are similar to those in Part 2. 


Question: What is your time management strategy?

Answer: I do not have a formal structure in place to manage my time. For example, if I have a lot of cases at work, I just go through them each day and pick which ones I need to deal with first. We have an online diary at work, which I believe I utilise, so I do control my time to some level.


Question: How would you describe the people in your hometown?

Answer: They are mainly nice, although, as in other big cities, everyone is often busy; thus, they may appear uninterested in interacting or chatting. But if you live there, you know that most people are delighted to converse if they have time and will assist you if necessary.


Question: Do you have to work with other people in your office?

Answer: Oh, all of the time. It's a big office, and we all have to work together to get things done. I have colleagues with whom I must communicate, such as graphic designers, as well as administrative workers who report to me. And, of course, I must collaborate with the businesses for which we provide marketing services. So, certainly, I will have to collaborate with others.

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Question: Do you plan to change jobs in the future?

Answer: That's not something I'm considering right now because I appreciate what I do, and it's a great firm to work for. The salary is competitive, plus they offer additional benefits such as flex time and end-of-year incentives. However, change is always good; therefore, I don't see myself staying there indefinitely. I'm sure I'll alter my mind one day.


Question:  What do you intend to do after you complete your studies?

Answer: I am not sure what I am going to do in future. But most likely, I would continue in the same field. This is why I am looking forward to pursuing my master's degree abroad in Marketing as a specialisation. 


Question: How can hobbies positively influence people’s lives?

Answer: Hobbies can give us much-needed ‘me time'. They can provide a beneficial vent for people's problems. For example, when I'm stressed, I listen to music or go for a stroll.


Question: Do you think education is important? Why?

Answer: Without a doubt, I believe that education is the most important factor for any human. It broadens their outlook on life. Also, it helps them go in the right direction. 


Question: Do you believe that doing anything in your spare time is important? What's the point?

Answer:I surely feel that one should do something that allows him or her to relax. Free time must be used to replenish lost energy. As a result, people should spend their time having fun. 


Question: When is time management most important to you, and why?

Answer: I believe it is while you are at work. When you are not at work, it will not have a significant impact on things, or at least on yourself, if you are late to meet friends or for an appointment or if you are getting things done around the house. However, failing to manage your time well at work could produce problems since you may miss deadlines or appointments. You might lose your job. So it is vital to manage your time at work.


Question: When do you think is the best time to read?

Answer:I think any time is okay; however, because I like to concentrate while I read, I can't read for a short period of time, such as on a bus journey, as other people do. I prefer to set aside time to enjoy it. So, if I have time on the weekend, I might read for a few hours. And I almost always read before going to bed - it actually helps me sleep.
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As we wrap up our exploration of common IELTS speaking questions with answers, remember that practice and preparation are the keys. Embrace the diversity of topics, from family and home to food and hobbies, and hone your ability to express ideas clearly. Consistent practice with model answers will enhance your speaking skills and build the confidence needed for the exam day. 

Also, remember that the IELTS speaking test is not just about language proficiency; it's about effectively communicating your thoughts. Stay calm, stay focused, and approach each topic with your learned strategies. 

We hope you are now clear about the type of questions asked in the IELTS speaking section. If you have any doubts or are planning to appear for IELTS and want to prepare, you can contact Prepare IELTS Exam (PI) expert counsellors for further guidance. 

Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best guidance in the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session and an IELTS online practice test via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388.


Some of the common topics about which the examiner may ask questions include weather, art, family, advertisement, home, hobbies, career, studies, and food.

The level of difficulty in IELTS speaking is determined by the test-takers' preparation. The IELTS speaking test pattern is the same every year. There are three sections in this section. Many applicants struggle with the speaking section since it demands them to face the examiner. However, practising appropriate vocabulary and avoiding monotones can help test-takers with IELTS speaking.

Examiners evaluate your performance based on four criteria. Fluency and coherence, lexical resources, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation are all important factors. Your Speaking results are presented as band scores ranging from 0 to 9. Each whole and half band score represents a level of English proficiency.


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