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Are you contemplating topics for your IELTS speaking test? Well, we have you covered.  However, before we get started, let's go over the basics of the IELTS Speaking Test.  It is an interactive session with a qualified examiner in which real-life situations are used as topics to demonstrate English proficiency. When taking the exam, remember to be confident and fluent, and you'll be fine! This blog will help you acquire insight into the many IELTS speaking topics. So, let’s get started! 

IELTS Speaking Part 1

This is an introductory stage where the examiner will introduce themselves and ask you to do the same to establish your identity. The examiner will ask you generic questions about yourself, your home, your family, your job, your studies, and your interests. This part helps you get comfortable and speak naturally. 


Duration- the round lasts for max 5 minutes

We will list some common IELTS Speaking Topics that are covered in IELTS Speaking Part 1. The main points candidates can discuss are listed below, and the examiner may inquire about these characteristics. Topics that can be covered in IELTS Speaking test Part 1 are:



  •  Describe the place.

  •  Explain the most intriguing part of your town.

  • Talk about the different livelihoods people have in your town.

  • Give some reasons as to why it is an ideal place to live.



  •  Describe the type of accommodation you’re currently staying at.

  •  Mention the duration of your stay over there.

  •  What aspects of living there that you like.

  • What would be your preferred accommodation


Your Favourite Thing

  •  Emphasise the importance of that thing for you.

  •  Describe its usage.

  • Talk about the place from where you picked it.

  •  Describe the length of time you have had that item.

  •  Is that item replaceable?



  •  Describe the size of your family.

  • Briefly describe the members of your family.

  • Talk about the quality time you spend with your family.

  •  Discuss your common areas of interest with them.

  • Talk about their importance in your life.

  • Explain the bonding you share with your families.


Your Hobbies

  • Give some description of your hobby.

  • Explain what inspired you to pick your hobby.

  • Mention how it helps you.

  • Describe the ways you utilise it to practise it.

  • Mention some special equipment you use to practise.



In this round, the candidate is allocated a topic and given a minute to prepare. The IELTS speaking test part 2 is also called the cue card round.  Topics are generally based on personal-life experiences, imaginary scenarios, and abstract concepts. Students are given a pencil and paper to make notes.  In this round, the candidate speaks for 1-2 minutes, and then the concerned examiner asks some questions related to the topic 


Duration- The total round stretches up to 3-4 minutes in total

We will list common IELTS  Speaking Topics that could be covered in IELTS Speaking Part 2. The main criteria that a candidate can discuss are listed below, and an examiner may inquire about those same characteristics.



  • Describe the event.

  • Talk about the location.

  • Describe the activities that happened there.

  • Talk about the significance of festivals.

  •  Mention something about the gathering over there.

  • Talk about the purpose of that event.

  •  You can talk about how festivals are perceived differently by all generations.


Social Issue

  •  Describe a social issue close to your heart.

  •  Explain the causes and effects of that issue.

  • Talk about how personally you’re contributing to eradicating it.

  •  Discuss some of the measures taken by different people on it.

  • Talk about the obstacle that comes the way of facing this issue.

  •  Emphasise how awareness can be created in general on social issues.


Favourite Tourist Destination

  • Describe the tourist attraction.

  • Talk about its location.

  •  Mention the time and reason for visiting that place.

  • Explain your experience as a tourist over there.

  • Mention your favourite highlights of the trip.

  • Talk about the cuisine and culture.

  • You can mention the mode of transportation and the gathering you went with.


International Events

  • Talk about the role of international events in facilitating collaboration between countries.

  •  Mention the changes you want when it comes to international events.

  • Talk about some loopholes you feel need to be addressed.

  • Tell about the variety of international events that happen.

  •  Mention one specific event you relate to the most.


Favourite TV show

  •  Mention your favourite TV show.

  •  Explain the theme and characters of the show.

  •  Mention your takeaway from it.

  • You can talk about how you relate to different characters.

  • Tell me about the chief reason for selecting that show.

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IELTS Speaking Part 3

In IELTS Speaking test Part 3, the examiner further asks questions discussed in the previous round. The round is structured in a two-way discussion pattern where candidates can talk at length and prove their English speaking skills.


Duration- The time lasts for max 4-5 minutes


IELTS Speaking Tips

We all face examination blues and fear of the nerve-wracking experience of sitting in front of an examiner. There’s no need to fret, as we have compiled some IELTS Speaking test Tips for you to be prepared:

  • Enhance your speaking abilities by absorbing information from different forms of media.

  • Choose topics of interest and start talking about your opinion like a non-stop chatterbox.

  • Brew conversations on a cup of coffee with a person that has a higher English level than you, and you’ll learn a thing or two while building your skillset.

  • Build your confidence by watching short conversations.

  • Be spontaneous, don’t prepare in advance, and just start speaking about a topic to someone.


To conclude, IELTS Speaking Topics are generally based on real-life situations based on interactive patterns. Students just need a bit of preparation and alertness. We hope this blog helped you to understand different IELTS Speaking Topics.

We hope we have provided you with helpful insight into IELTS Speaking Topics. If you need further guidance, please contact Prepare IELTS Exam (PI) expert counsellors. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best guidance in preparing for the IELTS Exam.

You can get on a one-to-one free counselling session online via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388.


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