Describe an actor or actress whom you admire - IELTS cue card

Describe an actor or actress whom you admire - IELTS cue card

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Describe an actor or actress whom you admire


The IELTS speaking cue card section lasts 11 to 14 minutes. It is divided into three sections: the first part, where the examiner makes the students comfortable and gets to know them, is also known as the introduction round. The second is the cue card section, where the student receives a cue card topic, for which they can prepare for a minute and then speak for approximately two minutes. Lastly, the examiner will ask some follow-up questions.

In between all of this, the examiner will be able to evaluate your proficiency in the English language and will give you scores accordingly. For the second section, which is the cue card, some of the common topics that are being asked, like ‘Describe an actor or actress whom you admire’, can be asked. Today’s blog has three sample answers for this topic and the follow-up questions. Let’s begin!

Describe an actor or actress whom you admire cue card- sample answer 1


Nowadays, movies play a vital role in the lives of the youth; some get inspired by the character, and others get inspired by the person’s acting. We sometimes try to follow these personalities because we start liking their work; this is why today I will discuss one such actress I admire a lot.


Who he/she is?

The person I will be talking about today is Deepika Padukone. She started her career back in 2006 with a Kannada movie and got her break in Bollywood in 2007 with a famous movie called Om Shanti Om. 


What does he/she look like?

She is a tall, beautiful woman with a radiant smile and a chic dress sense. Before she started her acting career, she was a model and used to walk the ramp. 


What kind of movies does he/she appear in?

She has appeared in several movies, including historical movies like Padmavat and Bajirao Mastani, thrillers like Pathaan and Race 2, and comedy and friendship-oriented movies like Cocktail, Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani, and Chennai Express. Most importantly, she took up a social cause of acid victims and made a movie on such a sensitive topic, Chhappak, to make people aware of it.


Why do you admire this actor/actress?

I admire Deepika Padukone because she is vocal about mental health issues. In today’s world, mental health is as important as physical health. Her vocalisation about such a sensitive topic has made many people in the country aware of it and speak openly about it. Along with being vocal about her mental health and supporting people suffering from it, she is a successful actress and a businessperson with her own skincare brand.



To sum up, I admire Deepika Padukone mostly because of her vocalisation about mental health and her being a strong, independent woman who has achieved many things in her life with her hard work.

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Describe an actor or actress whom you admire cue card- sample answer 2


India is a diverse country with various artists having a huge fan following. The artists are from various industries, some from Bollywood, others from the South Film industry, some sportspersons, and many more. One such actor I admire the most is whom I’ll be talking about today.


Who he/she is?

Today, I want to discuss the legend of the South Indian film industry, Mr. Rajnikanth. He started his acting career back in 1975 with a small role and got recognition for it.


What does he/she look like?

He is a dusky-looking Indian man with a warm personality. He dresses casually, and being the superstar he is, he is very down to earth in his actions and dressing as well.


What kind of movies does he/she appear in?

Over the extended period of his career, he appeared in various kinds of movies. He started with a small role in a movie and was a great admirer of Amitabh Bachchan; therefore, he acted in 11 remake movies of him in Tamil. He has been recognised as an exceptional actor since his entry into the business because of his dialogue delivery and screen presence. My favourite film is Robot, in which he plays the role of a robot named Chitti. 


Why do you admire this actor/actress?

I admire Mr. Rajnikanth because, along with being a great actor, he has given back to society to a great extent. He contributes half of his income towards the underprivileged people of society and works towards social causes like the Kaveri dispute. He even contributed towards the betterment of society. What I admire about him is that being such a great actor, he does not think about the riches; rather, he is concerned about giving back to the people.



To conclude, Mr. Rajnikanth is a great actor and an even better human. He did not take fame and money to his head but rather contributed to the people through charity and other noble deeds.

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Describe an actor or actress whom you admire cue card- sample answer 3


There are various artists in the world that we admire, take as our idols, and follow closely. One can admire anyone based on their work, ideology, etc. One such person I admire a lot because I have seen her since my childhood is someone I will be talking about today.


Who he/she is?

I have admired Emma Watson since childhood. I first saw her in the Harry Potter series, and since then, I have started following her. Her work has consistently inspired me.


What does he/she look like?

Emma Watson is an average-height woman with a strong persona and charming personality. She exudes confidence and positivity.


What kind of movies does he/she appear in?

She got fame from her first screen appearance in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Later, she completed the entire series as one of the leads. Further, she was seen in movies like Little Women, Beauty and the Beast, and many others. 


Why do you admire this actor/actress?

I admire her for various reasons; first, she took her studies seriously and graduated even after becoming famous at a young age. She did not let the fame change her personality, and for these reasons, in 2014, she was appointed as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, where she helped launch the UN Women Campaign ‘HeforShe’. This campaign mainly focused on women's equality and women's rights. The admirable thing is that she took a stand for women’s rights at such a young age and understood its importance.



To conclude, I admire Emma Watson most for her work on women’s rights and equality. I was also impressed by her refusal to let stardom rule her, her steadfast commitment to her work, and the causes she believed in.

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IELTS Speaking Part 3- Follow-up questions

Question- Are actors or actresses very interested in the work? Why?

Answer- Yes, without a doubt. Without motivation or interest in their profession, actors and actresses would not have such a great career. Additionally, actors and actresses cannot succeed in their field without a strong work ethic and passion. In addition, I observe many performers who lack success because they don't put in any effort in their profession.

Question- Is being a professional actor or actress a good career?

Answer- Indeed, without a doubt. Actors and singers are among the artists who earn the highest salaries these days. If you have acting talent, it's a great career choice. With dedication and hard effort, you may become a highly successful actress. You can also make a sizable sum of money.

Question- What can children learn from acting?

Answer- Youngsters try to imitate the characters they watch for inspiration. As such, it is imperative that kids are exposed to appropriate roles and material. They give in to persuasion quite quickly.

Question- What is the difference between actors or actresses who earn much and those who earn little?

Answer- It goes without saying that leading performers want higher salaries. However, the supporting cast is left with little choice but to accept the producers' offer. This is a result of the crowds that swarm the theatres based merely on the featured artist's name.

Question- What are the differences between acting in the theatre and in the film?

Answer- Acting in a movie is not at all like acting in a theatre piece. Actors only get one shot at getting a scene perfect in a theatre production; there are no second takes. Second, because of the gap between the audience and the performer in a theatre, performers must employ gestures and facial expressions to ensure that everyone in the audience can see what is happening. However, in a movie, a camera may go quite near to the performer, narrowing the distance between the viewer and the actor. Actors in the movie are, therefore, required to employ body language, natural emotion, and double-copy control.


To sum up, cue card topics like' Describe an actor or actress whom you admire’ are commonly asked and can easily be discussed. These are the topics where you can easily express your emotions and your liking towards a particular person; therefore, when you get a minute to prepare, utilise that time to frame your answers properly in your head and be confident while delivering them. We hope that with the help of the sample answers and the follow-up questions, you will be able to create a better-structured answer by yourself and perform well in your IELTS exams.

We hope you are now clear on how to answer the “Describe an actor or actress whom you admire” type of IELTS speaking cue card questions. But, if you still need further details on how to prepare for IELTS, you can contact Prepare IELTS Exam (PI) expert counsellors for additional guidance. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best test material and guidance to ace the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session and an IELTS online practice test via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388 for further queries.


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