Describe an invention that is useful in daily life: IELTS cue card

Describe an Invention That is Useful in Daily Life - IELTS Cue Card

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Describe an invention that is useful in daily life


The IELTS Speaking test is tailored to assess your communication skills, opinions, and information on everyday topics and common experiences. It takes 11 to 15 minutes and is further divided into three parts: the introduction, the cue card, and the follow-ups. 

The IELTS cue card gives you a topic or task based on which the examiner evaluates your ability to speak clearly, structure your ideas, and employ a variety of vocabulary and grammatical constructions. Today, you will explore how to respond to the topic - “Describe an invention that is useful in daily life”.

Describe an invention that is useful in daily life - sample answer 1


Well, some great inventions are incredibly helpful in our daily lives. Today, I am going to tell you about an invention that I like to use in my daily life: a fridge.


What is that Invention?

Everyone in today’s generation must have seen a fridge in the kitchen full of food items. We usually store fruits, veggies, drinks, and snacks in the fridge to keep them cold and fresh. The very first fridge in the country was from the company, Godrej and Boyce. 


Why is it necessary?

A refrigerator keeps food cool, eventually slowing down bacteria growth. This way, food stays fresh and can be preserved for a long time. Without a fridge, food would spoil much faster, resulting in a lot of waste and potentially making you sick if you ate something bad.


Why do I love this invention? 

I love my fridge because I am a big-time foodie. All my favourite food and snack items are always stored in them. I think that’s the same reason why it is necessary, too, as there are so many things that anyone can’t keep in the open, especially in summer. 



Lastly, food availability improved, and seasonal items were available all year round. So, the biggest benefit of my fridge is that I can eat my favourite food items whenever I want.

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Describe an invention that is useful in daily life - sample answer 2


Many amazing inventions are handy these days and make daily tasks much easier. So here I am going to talk about an invention that many girls use today for grooming: the hair straightener. 


What is that Invention?

A hair straightener is an appliance that uses heat to smoothen or straighten hair. Usually, it consists of two heated plates that clamp down on hair, straightening it as it moves between them.


Why is it necessary?

Nowadays, girls find straighteners an essential grooming tool for smoothing or straightening their hair whenever they want. It also helps control frizz. A straightener is perfect for a girl like me with curly or wavy hair. 


Why do I love this invention? 

Well, I personally love straight hair, so I obviously love this invention. My hair is usually frizzy and curls from the ends, so I easily switch to straight hair. Knowing that my hair is quite well-groomed also boosts my confidence.



So, it’s a must-have grooming tool for every girl. It perfectly straightens curls and also helps them try various hairstyles.

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Describe an invention that is useful in daily life - sample answer 3


Some great inventors produced great inventions in this modern world. Among several of these inventions enhancing our daily lives, one invention that actually transformed our music world is the earbuds. 


What is that Invention?

I am noticing that literally everyone uses earbuds, which are miniature speakers that sound directly into our ears. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, but they all serve the same purpose: to give us a unique musical experience.


Why is it necessary?

You can see every other person wearing earbuds these days because people love to listen to music and podcasts every time while doing other things, whether at home, studying or work. Also, listening to our favourite music in our ears is another benefit of having earbuds. One more thing I need to add is hands-free calls while multitasking. This way, earbuds sometimes help us boost productivity. 


Why do I love this invention?

Firstly, I love to listen to music while working and podcasts whenever I feel bored. I never felt alone, but my earbuds sometimes became my companion. My earbuds allow me to escape into the world of music, creating my own personal soundtrack. 



Overall, my earbuds accompany me throughout the day, and I can listen to my favourite playlists whenever I want.

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IELTS speaking part 3: Follow-up questions

Question 1. What qualities do inventors Have?

Answer: Most inventors have a curious mind and are full of creativity and perseverance. I think inventors are born with special qualities, like the ability to create something new out of the blue. 

Question 2. How has technology made our lives easier?

Answer: All credit goes to some amazing inventors of technologies that nowadays make our lives much easier. Some technologies we use daily are incredibly automated for certain tasks, such as washing machines, mobile phones, dishwashers, and many more that make our lives easier. 

Question 3. Will our lives be better if we live without technology?

Answer: Evolution happens for a reason. Also, people are now more dependent on technology today. So, it is nearly impossible to communicate, work and educate without technology.

Question 4. Which invention do you think is most useful at home?

Answer: The most useful inventions at home are microwave ovens for food, geysers for warm water, mobile phones for daily communication and more. 

Question 5. Who should support and sponsor inventors, governments or private companies?

Answer: Ideally, support and sponsorship for inventors should come from governments and private enterprises, as each offers distinct advantages. Governments can provide more consistent financing and support for critical research sectors such as healthcare and environmental preservation, where profit is not the primary goal.

Question 6. Do you think only scientists can invent new things?

Answer: I disagree that only scientists can create new inventions. Invention is frequently the result of a creative impulse and a talent for problem-solving, qualities that can be found in people from all walks of life, not just scientists.

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To conclude, IELTS speaking cue cards cover a variety of topics, and one of the most frequently asked questions is, "Describe an invention that is useful in daily life." The best way to excel in this section of the IELTS is to come up with relatable and clear answers.

We hope you are now clear on how to answer the “Describe an invention that is useful in daily life” type of IELTS speaking cue card questions. But, if you still need further details on how to prepare for IELTS, you may contact Prepare IELTS Exam (PI) expert counsellors for additional guidance. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best test material and guidance to ace the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session and an IELTS online practice test via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388 for further queries.


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