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Did you know that some websites allow students to do IELTS preparation online from the comfort of their homes? If not, read this blog to know about such websites.

As a student-designed English proficiency exam, it is currently recognised by more than 5,000 programs globally, including esteemed universities like Columbia, Yale, and MIT. India topped the test-takers list for the second year in a row. In recent years, students there applied to over 83 nations for programs, an increase of 9% from the previous year. 

In this blog, we have discussed the top websites for IELTS exam preparation online, where to get authentic IELTS preparation material and access platforms for IELTS preparation online free.

Benefits of IELTS Preparation Online

When it comes to IELTS exam preparation, students have a wealth of resources at their fingertips. These websites offer practice exams, tools to enhance English writing skills, and exercises to improve reading comprehension. Unlike coaching programs, most IELTS preparation websites allow candidates to take mock examinations at their convenience. For IELTS students who have decided to prepare for the test, choosing between IELTS exam preparation online and offline training is a challenge. 

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of IELTS preparation online:


  • Availability of Online Videos

Students often struggle to obtain suitable materials or resources for IELTS preparation

Websites for IELTS preparation online help students access the content at any moment through the availability of countless internet videos. The videos provide quick answers to questions, and experienced professors guide students through the videos.


  • Easy Learning

By choosing IELTS, students can tailor their learning to suit their schedules. You will have numerous scheduling possibilities after completing your online registration. This will also assist you in effectively organising your training schedule. It will also increase your productivity during IELTS preparation. 


  • Continuous Guidance

Your expert teachers are always happy to assist you. IELTS one-on-one tutoring is offered online by many IELTS preparation centres. This online course is ideal for you if you're among those who need help learning in a group setting, attending offline classes, or having a strict schedule. Constant guidance, doubt-solving sessions and two-way interaction between tutor and students during online classes enable students to prepare better for the IELTS exam.


  • Mock Test

An essential component of the online IELTS training program is mock exams and practice resources. You will only know which direction your preparation is in once you take a mock test. You will better understand the educational system and the state of your preparation by taking practice exams on a regular basis. 

As a result, your preparation will go swiftly the more you adjust to the test. There'll never be any anxiety in the main exam room. The mock test is directed towards familiarising you with the exam format and real-time environment of the exam.


  • Up-to-date Suggestions and Methods for the Online Course 

One key advantage of the IELTS online course is that you can learn new methods or strategies for attempting different modules of the IELTS. The information is instantly accessible and upgraded, so you remain aware of the learning trends in IELTS.

Skilled tutors apply their finest techniques to finish the questions faster. You will also learn shortcuts and pointers to help you attempt different IELTS modules in the exam.

12 Best Sites for IELTS Preparation

Websites dedicated to IELTS exam preparation place a strong emphasis on personalised problem-solving. With the help of online resources, students can prepare for the IELTS exam independently while receiving mentor support. Therefore, IELTS coaching will assist you in quickly preparing using the strategic preparation approach.

The table below shows the best site for IELTS prepration: 

Top Website URL Price Benefits

Prepare IELTS Exam

INR 699-2,499

Tech Support, Online Material & Recorded Lectures,

Online Practice Tests,

Live Sessions, IELTS Score Analysis.

Meridean Overseas IELTS Online

INR 5,000-10,000

Basic as well as a fast track course, 

Expert trainers,

High student rating,

IELTS score analysis,

Skill enhancement workshops,

Exceptional record of 7+ band scores, for 90% of students

PAN India

Magoosh IELTS

INR 9,072/month

Writing Assessments,

Speaking Assessments,

120+ On-Demand Lessons,

Ask-an-Expert Questions,

10 Mock Tests,

Study Schedules,

Score Predictor.


INR 8800

Free Demo Classes,

Doubt clearing classes,

IELTS mock test.


INR 2,999

The online training session,

80 sectional tests,

IELTS full-length mock test.

IELTS Material

INR 7,499-35,999

Concept building,

Free trial class,

Video lectures.

E2 Language IELTS

INR 13,234.86 -28,217.55

Pre-test strategy session,

Live classes and mock tests.

IELTS Tutorials

INR 7999/month

Free mock test feature.

Download free online materials

Sample tests


Sample questions for all 4 sections.




IELTS Advantage

INR 12,403.36

Concept building,

Expert Guidance,

Video lectures.

Let’s discuss these websites in detail.


Prepare IELTS Exam

It is one of the greatest websites for IELTS preparation. The Prepare IELTS exam platform offers comprehensive and student-focused study resources, practice exams, and live lectures by knowledgeable instructors who support students' learning.


  • Reasonable cost of coaching

  • Live sessions and recorded videos 

  • Qualified trainers and tech support

  • Unlimited doubt-solving sessions and regular mock tests


Magoosh IELTS

One of the most excellent websites for IELTS preparation is Magoosh. Their curriculum is tailored to the IELTS syllabus to help the student get on the correct track. Strategies guide every student in Magoosh IELTS lessons.


  • Descriptive coverage of IELTS speaking, listening, reading and writing

  • 120+ video lessons are on this best site for IELTS preparation

  • 850 test-like practice questions

  • Explanation videos



Candidates at Jamboree receive good mentoring and can take the extensive mock exams offered. High-quality teaching and student-centred teaching strategies make it a top preference among students looking for IELTS preparation online. 


  • There is a one-to-one doubt-clearing session on the best website for IELTS preparation.

  • Weekend and weekday IELTS classes are available on the

  • It is among the best websites for the IELTS mock test.



Mini-IELTS provides all the necessary advice for new students. The college gives each student individualised attention to help them achieve high IELTS scores. They offer several IELTS speaking and listening programs.


  • Online training sessions are available

  • They offer 80 sectional tests

  • IELTS full-length mock tests are included

  • This IELTS preparation website gives study schedules for students


Meridean Overseas IELTS Online

Meridean Overseas IELTS Online is another excellent website that is committed to giving students all the assistance and direction they need to achieve their goals of studying abroad, both academically and by helping them prove their English proficiency. 


  • Learn from the top and experienced trainer during the IELTS online course

  • Live IELTS online classes with comprehensive online materials covering all four modules

  • Targeted workshops to enrich your vocabulary and strengthen your grammar

  • Continuous tracking of your progress through regular mock tests, feedback sessions and AI-powered IELTS score analysis

  • Personalised guidance, flexible timings and unlimited problem-solving sessions daily

  • Program orientation, mentor support, specialised instructors, and application assistance


IELTS Material

The official IELTS website gives students access to different modules, such as speaking, reading, and the IELTS cue card. Students can also attend demo classes on the IELTS practice website.


  • Mentors are very much focused on a concept-building attitude.

  • Mock tests and practice tests are included in the course. So, It can be the best website for the IELTS mock test.


E2 Language IELTS

E2 Language IELTS offers a customised study plan to assist students in their IELTS journey. It is among the top websites in the world for language study and IELTS preparation. IELTS practice sites offer more than one hundred study questions, along with individual feedback and speaking coaching for students.


  • The institution has a pre-test strategy session

  • They provide live classes and mock tests

  • E2 Language IELTS has a one-on-one consultation facility


IELTS Tutorials

The IELTS website is well known for the coaching services provided by IELTS tutorials. To help the students improve their IELTS scores, they provide a list of errors. IELTS tutorials on the greatest website for IELTS preparation help students develop their problem-solving abilities.


  • Recorded versions of the classes can be taken for further studies.

  • Live interactive classes are also available

  • Practice tests are evaluated by the experts.

The greatest website for free IELTS module practice is They offer dedicated speaking, writing, and reading programs for the IELTS. The professionals help students execute in a calculated manner.


  • has a free mock test feature.

  • Students can download free online materials.

  • Sample tests are categorised into different parts to learn easily



Students can get last-minute IELTS tips from this IELTS practice website. IELTS LIZ offers a specific program for every module aside from that. Thus, it is among the top free websites for preparing for the IELTS.


  • Gives study links and materials

  • Helpful videos are available on the best free IELTS preparation sites

  • Videos are explained in an easy format.


IELTS Advantage

The entire IELTS Advantage website is devoted to students who want to take the exam. The Institute provides strategic direction to help students grow more consistently.


  • IELTS Advantage offers personalised feedback facilities on the IELTS preparation websites

  • Gives unlimited practice opportunities

  • Helps with sentence completion, grammar, topic-specific vocabulary and other module

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Tips for IELTS Exam Preparation Online

How to get ready for and master the online IELTS exam, below are the five things to do:

  1. Properly understand the IELTS exam format

The IELTS exam format will remain the same for both the computer and paper versions.

Your reading, speaking, writing and listening proficiency will still be evaluated. You must know the assignments you must complete for each section and the marking criteria.

  1. Make use of online practice exams 

When taking the test from home, it is quite easy to become comfortable and not feel under any pressure. This could lead you to take your time when there are strict time constraints to meet. 

Furthermore, you could easily make mistakes by misinterpreting the tasks at hand or by using incorrect grammar and spelling.

  1. Speak with friends to practise speaking or use an internet video call to take a mock Speaking test. 

You should become familiar with and at ease using video calls as the Speaking test will be conducted using them. 

However, you won't be able to replicate the format with your friends directly. Instead, concentrate on the three Speaking test sections and don't worry about your accent.

Your friend can be asked to:  

  • Ask your personal questions so you can get into further detail. 

  • Choose a subject for you to talk about from the list of open-ended questions. 

  • Talk about the prior issue in more detail so you can get comfortable developing your thoughts and creating arguments.

Remember that you should conduct all of this using online video chats, like Zoom and Google Hangouts, so you can see your friend in person and recreate the actual test as closely as possible. 

  1. Set up your workspace and surroundings to replicate an exam room 

Even though your workspace and surroundings are undoubtedly comfy, it's advisable to recreate exam-like conditions by having all of your supplies, stationery, and paper ready. 

This involves removing any possible clutter from your desk and turning down any air conditioners or loud electronics that can divert your attention. 

Additionally, ensure your phone is in silent mode or placed far away. During the Speaking exam, the last thing you want is for your phone to turn off.


In conclusion, IELTS preparation online through the best websites mentioned above will help you prepare for the exam in a convenient and effective manner. You can choose any website from online preparation according to your preferences and level of skill set. 

Above, we have covered all the details of the best websites for IELTS preparation online. We hope this piece of information is helpful to you. However, you can contact Prepare IELTS Exam (PI) expert counsellors for more guidance and IELTS preparation. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best guidance in the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session online via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388.


One can easily prepare for the IELTS online exam at home by being aware of the test format, one's own strengths and limitations, and by following online instructions.

It depends upon your level of preparation. At the moment, you must focus on the proper study materials.

The benefits of doing IELTS preparation online are the availability of online videos, easy learning, continuous guidance, mock tests and up-to-date suggestions and methods for the online course.

Some of the best sites for IELTS preparation are Prepare IELTS Exam, Meridean Overseas IELTS Online, Magoosh IELTS, IELTS Liz and many more.

IELTS preparation sites typically charge fees starting at INR 700 to 8,800, ensuring a comprehensive and flexible learning experience.


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