Describe a bag you want to own - IELTS cue card

Describe a Bag You Want to Own - IELTS Cue Card

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Describe a Bag You Want to Own


Speaking isn't just about flaunting a rich vocabulary; it's an art that involves conveying observations with precision. The cue card section in the IELTS speaking test is your chance to demonstrate your language proficiency and express yourself in intricate detail. If you are feeling a bit nervous about the prospect of speaking for two minutes straight, then fear not! 

This blog is dedicated to unravelling the intricacies of responding to a frequently encountered IELTS speaking topic: "Describe a Bag you want to own." The selection of this topic highlights the significance of personal opinions and viewpoints, allowing test-takers to exhibit their linguistic ability.

Describe a Bag you want to own cue card - sample Answer 1

Below, you can check the IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer 1 on the topic describing a bag you want to own.



A carefully chosen bag is more than an accessory in the fast-paced world of professional women. It is an extension of one's style and practicality. Women always love to carry bags for various purposes. In my case, the next addition to my collection is a tote bag meticulously selected for my office needs.


What kind of bag is it?

The tote bag is not just any bag; it's a spacious and stylish companion designed to cater specifically to the demands of the office routine. Tote bags are known for their open-top style and ample space, making them ideal for carrying various items. 

I need a tote bag with ample laptop space, including documents and personal stuff. Since there are many brands in the market, such as Lavie, Caprese, Baggit, Lino Perros, etc. However, I prefer the Lino Perros as they sell unique designs to attract customers.


Where do you want to buy It?

I plan to purchase this tote from the brand Showroom, which is renowned for its commitment. Choosing a reputable boutique ensures that I acquire a bag of high quality, reflecting both style and durability.

Buying Lino Perros bags online from Myntra, Ajio, or other repeated shopping apps might get you fantastic deals, But I want to check out the Lino Perros store and pick out a suitable bag. I can go to the showroom by my vehicle from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM as the store is just 3 km from my residence.


How much is the cost?

While seeking style and durability, I am willing to invest around INR 2000 to INR 3000 in this tote. This budget balances quality and affordability, aligning with my preferences and financial considerations. I can also use my nearly expired vouchers for a discount. I would want to have extra features, such as a small mirror and an attached makeup pouch.


Why do you want this kind of bag?

The allure of a tote bag lies in its practicality. It offers ample space for essential items such as documents, a laptop, and personal items, making it an ideal choice for achieving a professional yet stylish look in the workplace. This bag perfectly aligns with my lifestyle, combining functionality with a touch of sophistication.


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Describe a Bag You Want to own cue card - sample Answer 2

Below, you can check the IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer 2 on the topic describing a bag you want to own.



For students navigating the challenges of academia, a backpack is not just a bag; it is a lifeline that carries the weight of their educational journey. The backpack I am looking for is a backpack that endures the rigours of student life and provides ample space for all my college necessities.


What Kind of Bag Is It?

The bag I am seeking is a robust and spacious backpack designed to endure the challenges of a student's life. Backpacks are chosen for their durability, comfort, and ability to carry a variety of items.

I need 20 to 29 litres or a 15 to 16-inch waterproof backpack to carry my books, assignments, and other essential stuff. This bag must have premium-quality buckles and adjustable straps with 2-3 separate compartments.


Where do you want to buy It?

I plan to purchase this backpack from sportswear brands like Puma, Adidas, Nike, HRX, etc. Sportswear Brands are known for their durable designs, making them an ideal choice for acquiring a backpack that withstands the rigours of student life.

To select the best backpack for me, first, I will check the customers’ reviews and go to the nearby store, where I will find all these top brands to check the quality in hand. Once I feel comfortable with the backpack, I will check the price online and at the store and buy from where I come in my budget.


How much is the cost?

Understanding the demands of student life, I am willing to allocate approximately $80 to secure a reliable and long-lasting backpack that will be my companion through the academic journey.

A 15 to 16-inch waterproof backpack for college and other purposes range from INR 1500 to INR 2500. I am willing to allocate approximately INR 2000 to secure a reliable and long-lasting backpack that will accompany me through the academic journey. I can purchase it on Amazon, as there are EMI alternatives that need no down payment.


Why do you want this kind of bag?

The need for a spacious and durable backpack is evident in college life. With its ample compartments, this bag accommodates my essentials and ensures longevity, aligning perfectly with the demanding nature of student routines.

Describe a Bag You Want to own cue card - sample Answer 3

You can check the IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer 3 on the topic describing a bag you want to own below:



For professionals passionate about makeup artistry, a bag becomes more than a utility; it transforms into a safeguard for valuable tools of the trade. As a makeup artist, I want to own a makeup box that doesn't just store but organises my luxury makeup products.


What kind of Bag Is It?

This bag is not an ordinary makeup bag; it's a professional-grade makeup box intricately designed with specialised compartments to ensure each makeup item has its designated space with proper safety.


Where Do You Want to Buy It?

My search for this specialised makeup box takes me to a dedicated beauty supply store or reputed online applications such as Nykaa, Tira, Purple, etc. Their commitment to high-quality and professional-grade beauty products is commendable.

However, I will research the best makeup box as per my needs and check customer reviews before buying it.  I can also use the benefit of Nykaa Prime membership while purchasing the box.


How Much Is the Cost?

According to my research, the professional makeup box price is INR 3500 to INR 4000, and if I go with a regular makeup box, it can range from INR 2000.  I can invest approximately INR 4000, so I’ll go with the professional makeup box as it is a premium makeup box that guarantees security and organisation.


Why Do you want This Kind of Bag?

For a makeup artist, organisation and protection are paramount. This professional makeup box, with its specialised compartments, ensures the safety of my valuable products during travels and enhances the efficiency of my work by providing easy access to each item. It's not just a bag for me; it's a tool that elevates my craft.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Follow-Up Questions

In the Speaking Part 3 section, candidates might encounter additional questions related to bags, such as the evolving trends in bag preferences, the environmental impact of bag materials, or the cultural significance of certain bag styles. Being prepared to navigate these follow-up questions enhances the overall proficiency in discussing this everyday but diverse accessory.

Q1. Why do you suppose women enjoy purchasing bags?

Ans. Women are typically drawn to style and fashion. Women like to purchase bags since they are more of a fashion accessory. In particular, they want handbags to hold their credit cards, cash, mobile phones, and little beauty kits.


Q2. Is the backpack useful in everyday life?

Ans. Yes, without a doubt. People now require backpacks to carry their belongings safely when they sometimes go to remote locations.


Q3. What modifications will bags undergo in the future?

Ans. In the future, bags may include intricate sections designated only for different electronics, literature, food, etc. Bag manufacturers give comfort and elegance more importance while the price will increase in the future.


Q4. Why are kids required to carry uniform school backpacks?

Ans. I believe that teaching youngsters about equality is essential. Since schools are the finest places to instil moral principles, the administration favours uniform school bags for all students to promote equality.


Q5. Why are some individuals willing to purchase expensive bags?

Ans. Some people prefer luxurious and expensive bags as they are brand-centric and are eager to buy them. People buy costly bags without giving them much thought because they seem nice and have extra functionality to carry stylish stuff.


Q6. Do you believe that purchasing a bag is essential to our survival?

Ans. Yes, a bag is essential for survival and day-to-day use to store or transport stuff from one location to another.

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