Describe a Creative Person You Admire: IELTS Speaking Cue Card

Describe a Creative Person You Admire - IELTS Speaking Cue Card

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Creative Person You Admire


The cue card is the second task in the IELTS Speaking test. One of the things you have to remember is to formulate your answers in a way that aligns with the topic of the cue card when answering the examiner's questions.

Students get cue cards, also known as task cards, throughout the Speaking portion of the IELTS exam. There will be three or four questions on it, along with some guidance on how to respond to them. Instead of being able to change the question, you will have to talk on the topic of the cue card you were given for the Speaking task. However, you will have one minute to determine the response and your course of action. You will have the chance to write down a few thoughts to help you with your speaking exam before you speak on the topic.

In this blog, we have talked about the IELTS cue card topic "Describe a Creative person you admire" and given some sample responses about this.

Describe a Creative Person Cue Card - Sample Answer 1


I believe that everyone possesses some creative potential. Some people express their creativity in decorating their homes, others in their kitchen gardens or through paintings. However, only a few people have exceptionally creative and innovative minds.


Who he/she is?/ How do you know him/her?

I'd like to talk about a creative lady who happens to be the mother of my best friend, Nandini. Her name is Anita, and she is in her early forties.  She's always creating something out of what we toss away. Whenever I go to her place, she's usually cooking something.


What creative things he/she has done?

She doesn’t like to sit free. Instead, she believes in utilising her free time and doing something innovative. She's made a lot of things out of scrap paper. I've seen exquisite 3-D origami décor pieces done by her mother, and they look spectacular. I visit her house frequently, and each time, I discover something new made by Anita Aunty. She was sewing tote bags out of old garments the last time I saw her. Her tote bag looked fantastic and was quite strong.


And explain why you think he or she is creative?

Nandini's mother strikes me as incredibly inventive because she can make use of almost anything in the house. She has created flowerpots out of old discarded bottles and oil cans. Her entire home is filled with lovely items that she did not purchase in the market. All of these things are the outcome of her mother's inventiveness.

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Describe a Creative Person Cue Card - Sample Answer 2


I once had an encounter that taught me that creativity is not restricted to any particular thing; it can be used in any work. This incident occurred while I was eating at a restaurant.


Who he/she is?

Once, I went for dinner at a restaurant with a chef, his name was Sumit. He was the chief chef at that restaurant.


How do you know him/her?

To round up our meal, we had dessert after the main course. We had great expectations for the dessert because it was pricey. We were blown away by how well the dessert was presented. We were surprisingly shocked by its beauty, and we didn't want to eat it; we just wanted to stare at it. We requested that the waiter contact the chef, and we were delighted to speak with him.


What creative things he/she has done?

He did an excellent job of presenting the dessert and all of the garnishing. We admired his cooking skills and discovered that he learned dessert making in the United Kingdom. He is a master in the preparation of desserts. I never imagined cooking could be such a creative outlet.


And explain why you think he or she is creative?

The way he presented the dessert was amazing, and that, while maintaining a wonderful taste through simple ingredients, was a very creative thing about him.



The level of job satisfaction is determined by how much we enjoy our jobs. People who enjoy what they do strive to better it, and the results are spectacular.

Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire Cue Card - Sample Answer 3


Many people in our lives inspire us. Similarly, I admire those who I believe are braver, more talented, and more imaginative than me. I believe that we should all strive to be like them and grow in life.


Who he/she is?

I don't believe that everyone is gifted with creativity. Only a few people are creative and innovative. Here, I'd like to highlight Ramnarayan Sharma, my tuition mathematics teacher, whom I considered quite creative.


What does he or she do for a living?

He owns our coaching institute and has hired ten professors to train students in his classes.


What characteristics does this person have?

It's a lot of pleasure to sit in his classes. He taught us differentiation and integration in 3D in a fun and engaging manner. During his instructional hours, we were never bored. He explained everything quite logically and descriptively. Anyone who had a query might readily get an answer from him. We enjoyed his class overall.


Explain why you admire this person?

Last but not least, I believe he is a genius and a wise man. His ideas and improvements in the classroom will increase each student's academic achievement. This type of teaching style is desperately required.



In the end, I consider him the most fantastic instructor in the world since he is so innovative in educating students and made mathematics so simple for me, despite the subject's difficulty.

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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow Up Questions

Question: Do you think you are a creative person?

Answer: I consider myself to be creative. People have complimented me on my ability to paint and draw.


Question: Is it good for children to learn arts?

Answer: Learning arts may certainly encourage their prospective qualities such as creativity, inventiveness, independent thinking, emotional management, and so on. It is clearly good to their general development, and it provides them with something creative to do in their spare time. If a child is overly interested in the arts, he or she can pursue that interest as a career.


Question: What kind of jobs require people to be creative?

Answer: I believe that people must be creative in all jobs. People who are not creative may find their jobs monotonous and tedious after only a few days. If a task must be repeated repeatedly, some element of inventiveness must be incorporated. For example, an engineer must think of new ways to do things; a plumber must learn new things every day to make his work better and simpler; a carpenter must learn new ways to do things that will add grace to his work; and a teacher must think of new ways to teach so that children do not become bored.


Question: Do you think leaders need to have creative ability?

Answer: Yes, I believe that leaders must be creative. People will cease following them if they are not creative, since they will appear uninteresting to them, but if they bring creativity to their work, talk, and the way they do things, they will continue to have followers.


Question: Should we encourage creativity in educational institutes?

Answer: There will be many types of students in an educational institute who are interested in various subjects. Some people are interested in academics, while others are interested in sports and the arts. As a result, it is critical to stimulate creativity in schools and universities so that students can learn what they are interested in.


Practise all of the provided samples for the topic "Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire," as this is one of the topics anticipated in speaking part 2. Instead of memorising the various samples, prepare your own answer for the IELTS speaking exam.

We hope now you have an idea of how to answer the “Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire” type of cue card questions in your IELTS speaking test. But, still, if you are if you wanna get further details or would like to prepare for IELTS, then you can contact Prepare IELTS (PI) expert counsellors for further guidance.

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