Describe a job that you think is interesting - IELTS Speaking cue card

Describe a Job That you Think is Interesting - IELTS Cue Card

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Describe a Job That You Think Is Interesting


In the speaking cue card portion of the IELTS exam, the examiner will assign you a cue card topic and one minute of preparation time for the topic. You must come up with suggestions for the assigned topic in the brief in the allotted period. Once you have your thoughts organised, begin speaking by segmenting your response.

"Describe a job that you think is interesting" is a common IELTS cue card topic that may be asked. To understand the format for composing replies, look over the sample responses we have included in this blog.

Describe a job that you think is interesting cue card - sample answer 1


Generally, people work according to their educational background to support themselves. Nowadays, entertainment business professionals are very popular. Many jobs, such as digital marketer, content writer, and photographer, are now in demand.                                                                            


What is it? 

Here, I will discuss my professional photography career since it interests me the most. In addition to earning large sums of money, professional photographers have become well-known and famous. For many people in this day and age, their job has taken priority over. Photography is not as easy as it seems to be. Getting the ideal angle for a snapshot and then completing the shot takes far too long. They put a lot of effort into creating superb single images. 


Why do you think it is interesting? 

Photographs can capture priceless moments and produce enduring memories for people and families. Working as a professional photographer gives you the opportunity to document life-changing occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and graduations and provide your clients with treasured mementoes. 


What skills does it need? 

Being a professional photographer requires exceptional camera handling abilities. One should be familiar with several new poses for different occasions. Additionally, one must be patient and aware to take a natural image. 


How did you feel about it? 

I absolutely love getting out and having a great time with people, and being a photographer allows me to do this on a daily basis. All while getting paid, too! However, making my sessions enjoyable takes substantial effort.


And explain why it made you continue doing it? 

I continued doing this job as it allowed me to make people happy while capturing their special moments. In short, it satisfies my soul. Additionally, it allows me to give a different vision to the people’s eyes. 



Overall, photography offers a fulfilling career path with endless possibilities for growth and creativity.

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Describe a job that you think is interesting cue card - sample answer 2


I'm a certified management accountant, and I find this field fascinating. In this position, analysing complicated financial data and crunching figures are necessary to obtain insightful knowledge about firms. I'm continually motivated by this ongoing connection with financial data.  


What is it? 

The certified management accountant (CMA) title denotes financial accounting and judgment proficiency. CMAs are responsible for creating and maintaining financial plans and budgets. They analyse financial data and recommend how to improve financial performance to management.  


Why do you think it is interesting? 

The dynamic nature of CMA makes it an interesting career choice. It involves problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making, all of which are cerebral activities. Additionally, CMAs can operate in a variety of industries and experience a range of business processes.  


What skills does it need? 

You must possess exceptional analytical, meticulous, and financial management skills to succeed as a CMA. Interacting with clients and stakeholders and communicating effectively are also essential. In addition, considering the ever-changing regulatory environment, adaptability and ongoing learning are crucial.  


How did you feel about it? And explain why it made you continue doing it? 

As a CMA, I found my profession satisfying. Being accountable for safeguarding assets and promoting company prosperity feels incredibly good. The difficulties I've faced in my work are only intensified by my desire for ongoing development and progress. 



A CMA's job involves a great deal of responsibility in addition to academic intelligence. 

This is an interesting job because it requires a combination of analytical proficiency, effective communication, and strategic thinking. Because of these benefits and difficulties, I am a certified management accountant who strives for excellence all the time.

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NOTE: It is not necessary for a student to answer each question separately; they may give combined answers to 2 questions in a statement. However, they just have to ensure they include all the points related to the topic they are asked to include.

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IELTS Speaking part 3 - Follow up questions

Question: What jobs are popular among younger people in India?

Answer: In my opinion, young people in India are in high demand for employment in the fields of artificial intelligence, digital marketing, the health sector, web development, and many others. In addition, young people these days are becoming interested in social media management and rely on sites like Facebook and Instagram for their daily sustenance.

Question: What is the right time for young people to plan their careers so they become more serious in the future?

Answer: I believe that young people should decide on a career after they reach adulthood because, at that point in life, they are more mature and have more life experience. They have already picked their subjects of study and begun their university education at this age; therefore, they are becoming more serious about their future.

Question: What are the differences between high-paid and low-paid jobs in India?

Answer: In India, intelligence is valued far more than hard work. Therefore, those who excel academically earn far more money than labourers who perform physical labour, such as carpenters, plumbers, and so forth. Further, high-paying employment is respected more than low-paying jobs in India, where wealth is the primary determinant of status.

Question: Is it important for secondary schools to offer career advice to students?

Answer: Yes, choosing a career path immediately following secondary school allows educators to help students identify high-demand fields and higher education options that will best prepare them for successful career advancement and the best employment opportunities.

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Hopefully, you now have an understanding of how to write a good response in the IELTS cue card. It is reportedly one of the speaking portions of the IELTS that is easiest to score. However, one difficult aspect of this part is that the subject matter can range from general topics to specific social issues. To prepare for the main exam, practice a lot of the IELTS cue card subjects.

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