Describe a Prize that you received: IELTS speaking cue card

Describe a Prize that you received IELTS speaking cue card

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Describe a Prize that you received


To get a decent band score on the IELTS exam, it is crucial to learn the speaking portion of the test. Students are given a topic to talk about for three to four minutes during the second part of the speaking IELTS exam. "Describe a Prize that you received" is one of the most popular speaking cue card topics on the IELTS. This blog provides you with a foundational understanding of effectively responding to inquiries of this type. So continue reading!        


Describe a Prize that you received cue card - sample answer 1


Thank you for the enjoyable cue card topic. The question reminds me of describing my competition day experiences. 


What was it?

I got the best performance award in shooting at the most recent annual shooting competition. This is one of the most distinguished prizes in the NCC department. As a result, it made me feel honoured. 


When did you receive it?

The yearly shooting competition was held in our college in October 2020. The most significant reason to conduct this competition was to increase and test NCC candidates' reflex responses and how they react to circumstances. Also, it is linked to the fitness of the corps. So, the authority organised the tournament, and I won the best shooter prize. 


What did you do about it?

There were no other options for me but to practice. I had to put in a lot of practice time. After I finished my chores, I went to the shooting range and practised shooting with various handguns and firearms. And that was a source of stress for me on competition day. I had no notion I was going to win the award. I only concentrated on hitting the targets and finishing the other tasks on the shooting range. However, firing a handgun quickly takes a lot of work. And if the targets move, you should be more cautious in those cases. 


And explain how you felt about it.

Winning a prize is a lot of fun. During my academic career, I received no awards. However, I've won several other notable awards since joining the NCC. Winning the shooting competition was difficult for me. My competitors were all skilled and senior to me in rank. Everyone applauded me for overcoming the obstacles and demonstrating my shooting abilities. The entire field celebrated my success, and the police chief presented me with the award for being the most skilful NCC candidate in the shooting. My family members were overjoyed with my success. 



In our lives, awards are always memorable. No one can deny that they do not enjoy awards and recognition to be compensated for their efforts. This is human nature, but our efforts must be solid if we require a reward.

Describe a Prize that you received cue card - sample answer 2


Receiving a prize has a precious place in our hearts. This is due to the admiration and attention we receive from those around us. These prizes make you feel distinguished from the competition and crowd. 


What was it? 

I earned one of the best rewards in my life due to my participation in a chess competition, and I'm going to tell you about it. The competition took place three years ago at my college in Jaipur. The chess competition was organised as part of our college's yearly sports festivities. Though there were multiple other events in this event, I chose chess because of my love and passion for the game. 


When did you receive it?

The war of the mind is one of the most exclusive sorts of combat, and it is more prominent in a chess competition. I had to compete and outwit my competitors in numerous phases to win the challenge.  

The first part of the competition lasted three days, and the final competition followed a couple of days later and took another two days to complete. I played with vigour and commitment to win the championship, and my perseverance paid off. However, competing against rivals with exceptional talents and skills was incredibly challenging.


What did you do about it?/ And explain how you felt about it.

Chess was the least popular competition among the other participants. The game's sluggishness put many people off. So, in total, there were ten of us in the competition. The rivalry and tension in the games were incredible. 

After winning the chess competition, I was engulfed by a cloud of happiness. I defeated the previous winner to become the new champion of our college's inter-department chess competition. My parents were overjoyed when I achieved the new championship trophy. This was one of the most beautiful events for me.



Given the accomplishment, it was inconsequential to me. The actual prize is the honour of the title, not the money or the trophy. However, I still have the trophy I won, and I used the prize money of INR 21,000 to buy a new video game for myself and a few gifts for my parents and siblings.

Describe a Prize that you received cue card - sample answer 3


The recognition we receive in exchange for our hard work is always motivating for each of us. We don't care if the prize is modest or significant; we care about the emotion it offers us. I won one of these awards when I was in my school. 


What was it?

The prize I'd want to share with you is winning first place in my school for the first time. 

This occasion taught me that I, too, can be rewarded and compete. 

As a self-motivated individual, I paid little attention to my school's annual quiz tournament. 


When did you receive it?

When I was in class 9, all of my classmates were participating in one or the other competitions, and I was left with little choice but to engage in either of the tournaments for the sake of my team. As I read newspapers and am interested in general knowledge, I chose to take part in the quiz. My habit of reading the newspaper regularly aided me in earning the award. 


What did you do about it?

There were eight people in total, each from a different team. The first round was an MCQ round in which you had to select the correct answer from a list of options. I scored 13 out of 15 points and advanced to the second round as one of the top five contenders. 

Round two consisted of a general knowledge portion, which was my strong point. After that, three of us were chosen for the final round. 

Round three was a buzzer round in which we had to compete to see who could provide the most answers. Because there was a negative score, I was careful to only press the buzzer for the answer I knew well. I won first place by accurately answering six questions out of 15 questions. 


And explain how you felt about it.

The excitement of being chosen first was exhilarating. I received the reward with little expectation, yet it constantly serves as a reminder of my accomplishment. After this occasion, I gained tremendous confidence, and I began actively participating in school events and got numerous prizes. 



This event is always fresh and bright in my memory whenever I talk about the award. I still grin when I think about it because it was given in front of felicitous and renowned people.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow-Up Questions

Question: What kind of prizes do students get? 

Answer: The main prize that students receive is for passing their exams. Aside from that, there are numerous competitions in schools, such as sports competitions, debate competitions, quiz competitions, dancing and singing competitions, and so on, all of which have rewards. 

Question: Should students get the same prize in sports and academics? 

Answer: An accomplishment is an accomplishment, and it should not be judged based on the category in which it is made. Nowadays, sports have the same esteem as academics, and thankfully, the sports fraternity has received its due respect and recognition. In such a circumstance, it is even more apparent that both sectors should be treated similarly, and hence, students should be awarded equally. 

Question: Why should people be rewarded? 

Answer: Individuals require motivation to continue with their regular duties. The prizes will serve as a stepping stone, encouraging you to improve. This will operate as a motivator, causing people to be more productive. 

Question: Are awards always good for the winners? 

Answer: No, I believe they are only sometimes excellent. They can also instil in the winners a sense of superiority as if they are better than others. This may lead to complacency among the winning individuals, preventing them from working with the same degree of dedication and commitment as previously. 

Question: Is it good for children to compete for prizes in their school? 

Answer: Yes, competing for prizes will motivate pupils to participate in the activity.

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