Describe a school you went to in your childhood - IELTS speaking cue card

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Describe a school you went to in your childhood  - IELTS speaking cue card


"Describe a school you went to in your childhood" is a commonly asked cue card question in the IELTS speaking exam. Candidates are allotted one minute for exam preparation and two minutes for discussion. If candidates think they won't remember the answers, they can also take notes.

Nevertheless, to answer these kinds of IELTS speaking cue card issues, a lot of students require assistance. To help you understand how you can respond to these kinds of queries, we have included some sample answers in this blog. Alright, let's get into the blog!

Describe a school you went to in your childhood cue card - sample answer 1


The foundation for a student's profession is laid out at school, when they learn all the necessary skills, such as how to carry on a polite conversation and write with correct grammar. The finest places to learn are in schools. Some children indeed set their goals during school time itself.


Where was it?

I had completed my education from LKG to 10th standard in the same school only. The name of the school was St. Victoria’s Convent School. It was the only all-girls school in our city, located in the city centre.


What was it like?

It is one of the best and most wonderful schools in our city. I had a lot of happy memories from my school days. It has a huge campus area and a large number of classrooms. The main classrooms are housed in a different wing. Apart from this, there were two large playgrounds, a computer lab, science labs, a canteen, a library and a stunning garden full of flowering plants. Moreover, it was associated with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).


What did you learn there?

We participated in a wide range of extracurricular activities in addition to our academic studies. I belonged to a dancing club. We held an annual function each year for which we used to begin preparing some dancing pieces two months prior. After school, we also played chess and badminton. The principal of our college was strict. We had to face consequences if we failed to complete our assignments or wore an inappropriate outfit. However, all of this taught us the discipline.


How did you feel about it?

I have both pleasant and negative recollections of those days. I had a great time and made a lot of friends. However, I am still linked to those memories now. My school days have also taught me social skills and how to interact with peers.



With them, I formed many close friendships and had some of my favourite moments during and after school. The foundational knowledge I received at school is the only thing that has contributed to my success.

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Describe a school you went to in your childhood cue card - sample answer 2


My early years were spent in Jaipur, where I attended a Christian school. The school was called St. George School. This question takes me back to my early years. I appreciate your thoughtful question. And now I will tell you about the entire event.


Where was it?

St. George is one of the most popular schools in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It has 4 branches across the state. In fact, the school committee has won various prizes for its best academic curriculum in the country. 


What was it like?/ What did you learn there?

Students become more intelligent and receptive through extracurricular activities and the school curriculum. Additionally, the school has various amenities, such as ample playground space, tidy and clean classrooms, and much more for the students. Since it was founded in 1970, the school has seen tremendous success every year. Nearly every kid at the institution achieves exceptionally high grades. Additionally, a sizable portion of today's well-known individuals were once students at the institution.

When I was a little child, I got accepted to the school. Actually, I finished my senior year of school here, having begun in the pre-school. Nursery is the starting point for pre-school, and senior school lasts until 16 years old. During this time, the kids are split into multiple parts and classrooms. Many basic disciplines, including English, math, science, geography, history, and much more, are taught to students.

The school's true goal is to prepare the kids for advanced coursework. The activities in the classroom are also excellent. The teachers guarantee every student's participation. However, there are certain modifications to the middle school curriculum. The themes cover a fair amount of ground and include important topics for students to consider.


How did you feel about it?

I will categorically state that those were my "golden days" in this life, having taught me a great deal about how and what to do to lead a successful life.



I still keep in touch with a number of my friends from that school, with whom I spent a great deal of time. We get together once a month to share amazing moments.

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Describe a school you went to in your childhood cue card - sample answer 3


The child's formative years were spent at school. We fondly smile when we recall those beautiful times from our childhood when we reflect on the past. I also have a tonne of happy recollections from my time in school.


Where was it?

I went to school in Ahmedabad City and studied at Brightmind International School. It is considered among my area's most esteemed educational institutions. It was situated in the centre of the town, behind the large, well-known mall in our city. I used to take school transport to get to school.


What was it like?

My school campus was covered with trees, and the ambience was natural and aesthetic. Every grade level has a different building; for example, pre-primary had a separate building, 1st to 5th standard had separate buildings, 6th to 8th had separate buildings, and 9th to 12 had separate complexes. Apart from this, there was also one sports complex with facilities to play basketball, volleyball, cricket, table tennis, art room, and yoga.


What did you learn there?

Both the extracurricular and academic programmes were conducted effectively at my school. I was the most involved student at my school in extracurricular activities and sports. I am the one who takes part in the majority of the events held during the annual day celebration each year. We practised basketball in the evening after school.


How did you feel about it?

Thinking back on my school days, I am extremely fortunate to have attended that particular school. Although I am still a part of our school's alum community, we manage at least one event every year, which we consider our safe place. The values we have gained during our school days still help us grow more and more in our lives.



Schools are the most beautiful place that plays a massive part in our lives and is the best spot in our hearts with tonnes of wonderful memories, even when we moved to different institutions for higher education.

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IELTS speaking part 3 - Follow-up Questions

The last speaking cue card portion of the IELTS took roughly four to five minutes to complete. Provide the name of a school you attended as a child and some follow-up questions about the subject. Here, we have provided some insight into the questions asked in the third part of the speaking section of the IELTS exam.


Question: Which do you think is essential: primary school education or university education?

Answer: Students' education began with their primary school education; without it, more advanced academic subjects would be difficult or impossible to understand. Their university education is where they can get specialised knowledge. Without a foundational understanding, their objectives are unachievable.


Question: Do you think today’s teachers are strict?

Answer: I consider today's educators to be a little rude. But compared to earlier periods, the teacher's method of educating may enforce discipline in the classroom has altered. It is no longer permitted and is not at all appropriate to use corporal punishment. Today's educators employ various strategies to preserve order in the classroom, such as monitoring student engagement and maintaining classroom etiquette. In order to help the students comprehend their errors and not do the same ones again, they also use less severe but still effective forms of punishment.


Question: What is the difference between private schools and public schools?

Answer: The facilities offered at private versus public colleges are the primary distinction. Better amenities are available in private schools, including air conditioning, smart classrooms, nicer cafeteria food, etc. Furthermore, the cost of attending a private institution is higher than that of a public university. Thus, attending a private school is out of reach for some people. 


Question: What are the advantages of a private college?

Answer: Students at private colleges are able to concentrate better on their studies because they have access to state-of-the-art study facilities and comfortable surroundings. Private schools provide each kid with the attention they need from their teachers and also make sure that there aren't too many students in each classroom and that the student-to-faculty ratio is maintained.


Question: What’s your opinion of the fact that more teachers are using computers while instructing in class or teaching?

Answer: It's commonplace among teachers these days. It is encouraging to see educators in this generation use technology to educate their kids on new things. They are able to save time because the machine answers all of the queries in a split second. Additionally, they want the students to understand the subject or lesson they are teaching. When they watch a projector or smartboard to learn something, students also pay attention in class and get engaged. 


Question: Do you agree that the purpose of education is to prepare people for their future lives?     

Answer: Yes, I greatly agree with this viewpoint. Most people pursue school to succeed in their careers later on. But, other people have no desire to learn about a certain subject or sector; they do it just out of curiosity rather than intending to use it for their job.


Question: Why do you believe the changes are required?

Answer: The improvements and modifications I just mentioned should raise the bar for instruction and strengthen children's foundations for success in the future. Since young people are the nation's future, it is important to secure their success as it determines a nation's growth and development.


Question: Did school play an important role in everyone’s life?

Answer: Yes, school plays a significant role in everyone's life because it is where we learn our fundamental skills, including how to talk and develop good habits, among other things. If we ask others, they will tell us that it was the greatest spot for them to live a happy lifetime.

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For the cue card topic, such as "Describe a school you went to in your childhood," researching structured ways to deliver a description and practising speaking in front of your parents, siblings, friends, or mentor is the most effective strategy to prepare for the speaking portion of the IELTS exam. After you've finished writing the description, get their opinion. To have a clear idea of how to approach providing an organised description that would wow the examiner, you might consult the framework provided above for this cue card topic.

We hope you now have an idea of how to answer the “Describe a school you went to in your childhood” type of questions in your IELTS speaking test. But, still, if you are, if you want to get further details or would like to prepare for IELTS, then you can contact Prepare IELTS exam (PI) expert counsellors for further guidance. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best test material and guidance to ace the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session and an IELTS online practice test via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388 for further queries.


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