Describe an Interesting Animal: IELTS speaking cue card

Describe an Interesting Animal - IELTS speaking cue card

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Describe an interesting animal - IELTS speaking cue card


In the IELTS speaking exam, "Describe an interesting animal" is one of the most often asked cue card questions. In this cue card section, the examiner allows one minute to prepare, and candidates have two to three minutes to talk about it. If candidates think they won't remember the answers, they can also take notes.

To answer these kinds of IELTS speaking cue card issues, a lot of students require assistance. So, to help you understand how you can respond to these kinds of queries, we have included some sample answers in this blog.

Describe an interesting animal cue card - sample answer 1


The diversity of animals in our nation is a testament to our diverse history. All of the states of India are home to a wide range of animals. Learning about animals and observing them takes time and effort. While many find it boring, a small percentage are really curious to know what they do. Although I lack the curiosity to learn a great deal about all creatures, a selected few greatly pique my interest. 


What animal was it?

One such animal is an elephant. While everyone is familiar with the structure of elephants, only some are aware of their fascinating attributes. I'll talk about them today. The second-biggest animal on the planet is an elephant. These can be found in numerous nations. India's elephant population varies by region. Elephants are employed as entertainment during fairs and open-air celebrations. The animal in question weighs between 2700 and 6000 kg. Even though it is widespread throughout the nation, not all places have it. They are occasionally visible to us in the National Parks.

Different countries have measured elephants' heights in different ways. African bush elephants are about 3.2 metres long, while Asian elephants are estimated to reach between 5.5 and 6.5 metres long. 


Where you saw it?

I spotted the elephant at the nearby zoo in our city. Elephants are fairly simple, silent animals that are unique in the world. The authorities have retained various elephant species for the public to see and enjoy. 


What happened when you saw it?

Elephant’s conduct was perfectly visible at the zoo. They are observed eating or going about their daily business. Although the zoo included a wide variety of animals, but the elephants drew my attention.

Also, I learned that elephants consume between 149 and 169 different types of plants daily. They enjoy fruits such as bananas. Observing how an elephant looks for its family is incredible. 


And explain why you thought it was interesting?

Several things made the elephants fascinating to me. Although they have a rugged, rigid appearance, they have the same feelings as people. The elephants weep a lot. Like any other human family, they look after their loved ones. The elephants have an easy time attracting humans. They are the smartest and most intellectual creatures.

The fact that elephants can make up after a fight is the most amazing. Elephants are elegant creatures, befitting their royal status. They are regarded as the most regal creatures. When they lose their young calves, they mourn. Seeing it is depressing. Elephants are my favourite animals because they are kind and innocent.



I was captivated by the sight of elephants because of their incredible beauty, unique behaviour, and greater understanding of the natural environment. 


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Describe an interesting animal cue card - sample answer 2


I had an exciting visit to the Zoologischer Garten Berlin, where I met a giant panda. After going to the zoo, I realised that my dream of seeing a panda up close was real. Having previously only seen Panda on television, I was quite happy to see them in person. So, here I am going to talk about my "Panda" experience.  


What animal was it?

Another name for panda is black and white cat-foot. This cat is actually larger and more shaped like a bear. In certain ways, it differs from the other wild creatures. The panadas look attractive to people because of their giant size, unusual behaviour, and markings. You can find pandas in two colours: one is a combination of black and white, while the other is red. It was the latter that I met. To differentiate it from the red panda, the black-and-white panda is frequently called a gigantic one. Despite being a carnivore, this animal primarily eats bamboo. In the wild, they also consume different kinds of grasses. 


Where you saw it?

The Zoologischer Garten Berlin was a fantastic location to see a variety of exotic creatures. The zoo is comparable to a conventional zoological park in Germany. It is regarded as one of the oldest in the nation, having been founded on August 1st, 1844. Numerous zoological studies also use this zoo as a resource. It has one more outstanding quality. It facilitates the breeding of uncommon animals that are brought in from foreign nations. Over 35 hectares of land make up the zoo, and to add to its splendour are a few ponds and lakes. The zoo is thought to have one of the greatest animal collections in the nation. Owing to its wide variety of animals, the zoo has grown to be one of Germany’s most remarkable locations, drawing a sizable number of visitors each year.     


What happened when you saw it?

I had no clue they could get so big until I went to the zoo. I've seen a few films covering pandas, especially Kung Fu Panda. However, I was astounded after getting a close-up look at the animal. Their size and shape are excellent. They have excellent eating habits. They are peaceful and have a kind disposition.


And explain why you thought it was interesting?

This was interesting to me for many reasons. I think pandas are the cutest animals on the planet. Even though they are wild creatures, they don't act aggressively. Compared to other animals, they are more serene. They have a spherical body and black-shaded eyes. A panda has black markings on its hands and legs, while its back and front are both white. It has consequently evolved into a unique species among the other wild animals found worldwide. An adult panda's size and form are similar to those of a gigantic, giant bear.

In addition, some additional pandas are reddish-brown in hue. Bamboo, wild tubers, honey, eggs, fish, yams, fruits, bananas, various grasses, and prepared foods are also favourites of pandas. However, learning that a female panda is intolerant of another female panda within her range piqued my curiosity. They occasionally use their claws to alert other pandas to their presence and their urine to communicate with one another. This was an interesting feature. For all these reasons, I found Panda to be an attractive animal.



Overall, watching Panadas up close was quite a surreal experience for us.


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Describe an interesting animal cue card - sample answer 3


We planned a trip to Australia during our summer break to learn more about Sumatran rhinoceros, which are among the rarest species on the globe due to their significance to the ecosystem.


What animal was it? 

This is a giant and scarce animal species, the Sumatran rhinoceros.


Where you saw it? 

I saw them during my visit to Freycinet National Park of Australia. It was, undoubtedly, one of the most amazing national parks I have ever visited.


What happened when you saw it? 

Our safari guide skillfully navigated our vehicle across the terrain, and we soon came upon a clearing where a magnificent Sumatran rhinoceros was contentedly feeding. Its solitary horn stuck out from its muzzle, and its greyish-brown hide melded with the landscape. The rhino continued with its leisurely lunch, seemingly oblivious to our presence.


And explain why you thought it was interesting? 

The experience with the Sumatran rhinoceros was fascinating for a variety of reasons. There are just a few thousand of these species remaining in the wild, making them rare and endangered to begin with. It was a sad reminder of the need for conservation efforts to protect such endangered species to see one in its natural habitat. The second reason is that the Sumatran rhinoceros connects us to the past of Earth because of its primitive appearance. It is distinguished as a unique and rare species by its armoured skin and lone horn.

The significance of Freycinet National Park as a wildlife sanctuary was also emphasised throughout the discussion. The park's conservation initiatives and effective anti-poaching strategies underscored the significance of collaborating to safeguard biodiversity and natural ecosystems.



Last but not least, witnessing a one-horned rhinoceros in Chitwan National Park was an unforgettable experience. Its uniqueness, historic atmosphere, and the urgent need to preserve it all contributed to the summit's success. This meeting brought to light the delicate beauty of the biodiversity on our world and the importance of cooperating to ensure these incredible species survive for future generations.


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IELTS speaking part 3 - Follow up Questions

Question: What kind of animals do people have in their homes?

Answer: As far as the most popular pets go, you would not be wrong if you guessed that most pet owners in India own dogs and cats. They are straightforward to train and are able to protect your home, making them practically the perfect pets. 

After dogs and cats, other popular pets include fish, rabbits, birds, livestock and many more. Still, fish, in general, are considered to be pets that are easier to care for than most others and are usually kept as pets in every other house. 


Question: A lot of animals are becoming extinct these days. What do you think about this? Why is it happening?

Answer: A great deal of wildlife has gone extinct, and the majority of animals that are still alive are in danger of becoming extinct. I believe that the reason why animals are suffering is due to these kinds of environmental changes. Animals are dying due to the rapid growth in the human population and pollution from industries and automobiles.


Question: Earlier, people used animals for their work. Now, what do people use to do their work?

Answer: Everything has become more mechanised and modern as time passes. Animals like horses and buffalo that were used to pull carts or move people and things from one location to another have been supplanted by vehicles. They used to hunt animals with dogs in order to obtain meat, but these days, they buy processed meats from supermarkets. Additionally, automobile races have taken the place of horse races in the past. People these days largely rely on technology equipment to do their tasks. 


Question: Research is being conducted on animals; is this a good idea?

Answer: Research is being done on animals, which will either assist in creating new species or preserve those that are already extinct. Since animals are a part of our ecology and their enhanced health will contribute to the preservation of the ecological balance, more research should be done on them. Moreover, the study will assist in identifying strategies for protecting the world's wildlife, which is under threat. It will benefit animals, people, and the environment as a whole if the research is carried out and the conclusions are inferred from the animals.


Question: How deforestation affects animal habitation? 

Answer: The delicate balance of ecosystems and the habitats of animals are threatened by deforestation. To counteract these effects, the construction of wildlife-friendly protected areas, sustainable land-use practices, and the preservation and restoration of forests should be the top priorities of conservation efforts.


Question: Tell me about a rare animal you saw in your hometown.

Answer: In our part of southern India, horses are something we see only sometimes. We only come across horses when we travel to places with stables or farms that have taken in horses. When I visited Jaipur last month, I had the opportunity to view a horse and have a short ride on its back. 


Question: Why do people have pets in their homes?

Answer: Pets are comforting companions that keep people company. They also motivate a lot of people to interact with others by going on walks. Adopting and caring for an animal is a choice made by animal lovers. Pets play with us and are always at our sides, which helps us deal with loneliness and stress. They are the only ones who truly adore us. 


Question: Do you think people do not respect animals these days? What about 10 years ago?

Answer: Although time does not stop for anyone, and things continue to advance and improve daily, it is observed that the love of animals does not change for different generations. Instead, the younger generation recognises the value of animals in the ecosystem and works to prevent their use for commercial purposes, but as the demand for human needs grows, more and more people are turning to animals to both meet and profit from their needs. 

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Answering your questions honestly and wisely can assist you in easily overcoming the IELTS speaking cue card question challenge. Overall, you can practise to enhance your skills and increase your IELTS Speaking section score by taking mock tests or practice exams.

We hope you now have an idea of how to answer the “Describe an Interesting Animal” type of questions in your IELTS speaking test. But, still, if you are, if you want to get further details or would like to prepare for IELTS, then you can contact Prepare IELTS exam (PI) expert counsellors for further guidance. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best test material and guidance to ace the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session and an IELTS online practice test via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388 for further queries.


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