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IELTS Speaking Cue Card Tips


The IELTS speaking test cue card section is your opportunity to showcase your language competence and express yourself in depth. If the idea of speaking for two to three minutes straight makes you anxious, fear not! We are here to guide you through it.

This blog is dedicated to decoding the complexities of replying to a common IELTS speaking cue card topic: "Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination." The choice of this topic emphasises the importance of personal experiences and viewpoints, allowing test-takers to demonstrate their unique linguistic abilities. So, let’s read the blog and know the best possible responses to showcase your English skills to study abroad.

IELTS Speaking Test Part-2 Pattern

Students who are appearing for the IELTS speaking cue card for the first time might have no clue about the cue card pattern. So, below, let’s explore all about the IELTS speaking cue card pattern:

  • Firstly, you will receive a Task Card, also called an IELTS Cue Card, from the examiner, along with some paper and a pencil. 

  • The prompts related to the topic will be written on the cue card itself. The prompt is the subject you are required to discuss. Your discourse should address the three dot points. Furthermore, the next sentence poses a follow-up query regarding that subject.

  • After giving you a minute to gather your notes, the examiner will ask you to speak for two to three minutes.

  • This section lasts three to four minutes overall and is meant to assess your speaking abilities and abilities on a certain subject. The examiner attempts to assess your ability to organise your ideas and thoughts clearly and coherently.

Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination cue card - sample answer 1


It is vital to use our imagination because it displays our intelligence and creativity. I frequently use the power of imagination, and I'd like to tell you about a time when I used it in my office. Making a good presentation is difficult for individuals who need a solid understanding of the topic or issue. As a junior employee, I recently dealt with a similar circumstance at work. For this topic, I'll explain a situation where I had to use my imagination. 


When was it?

Despite the fact that I must continue with my typical official duties in the office, my manager asked me a few months ago to prepare a presentation for him. He merely explained the subject of the presentation to me, so I had to use my imagination to arrange something for him. 


When did you need to use imagination?

This presentation was different from putting together some statistical data and graphically presenting it to an audience. It was about our urgent intentions to increase sales and outperform our competitors. My manager wanted to see how good of a planner and analyser I was, so he gave me as little information as possible. So, I had to research our sales and financial statistics and apply my imagination to finish the presentation. 


How difficult or easy was it?

It was really tough for me to prepare a presentation when I didn't know what I was doing or how to execute it. Furthermore, my boss required the presentation to be done within the next two days, which was very difficult, but somehow, I managed to do it. 


Explain how you felt about it?

Initially, I was terrified and believed that my presentation was not up to the mark. But as soon as I showed it to them and saw their expression, I felt relieved. I knew it was a huge hit right away since they adored my ideas. It improved my confidence, and since then, I've always been bold in delivering a presentation using my imagination and solid evidence. 



I got massive appreciation because of my imagination on that day. 

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Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination cue card - sample answer 2


I believe that our greatest gift as humans is our imagination. The ability to imagine exposes one's intellectual concepts and ingenuity. There are many situations when ingenuity has helped me tackle a difficult situation. 


When was it?

I had travelled to Delhi for an examination a few months before. However, due to the fog, my train back home was cancelled. So I decided to take the bus back. At around 2 a.m., the bus left me at my city's bus terminal. I told my parents I was taking the bus, but my phone battery had died. As a result, when I arrived at the bus station, I couldn't inform my parents to come pick me up. And, because of the fog, my parents had no idea when the bus would arrive. So, I was compelled to return alone at night. 


When did you need to use imagination?

At this point, I noticed some strangers approaching me. I was concerned because I felt their objectives were not good. 


How difficult or easy was it?

At that point, I used my imagination to pull out the phone and begin talking loudly and pretentiously on it. As they got closer, I pretended that I was talking on the call and started saying that I was just around the corner. They returned as soon as they heard this, and I took advantage of the chance to rush to the nearby store. 


Explain how you felt about it?

I borrowed a phone from the sales clerk and called my parents to pick me up. It was a frightening situation, but I finally breathed a sigh of relief when I saw my father and mother. My father told me that he was quite pleased with my mental fortitude. , 



So, in the end, I was glad that I was able to escape from that situation with the help of my imagination.

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Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination cue card - sample answer 3


Imagination demonstrates one's creative thinking and intelligence. It describes a person's ability to think outside the box. I occasionally utilise my imagination when doing certain activities. Generally, we use our imagination during our childhood or teenage days. Now, I'm going to talk about how I used my creativity in school. 


When was it?

I often use my imagination to learn the subjects. Visualising the scenes of events and actions has helped me grasp them even more. When I was in the eleventh grade, I had to prepare for an examination using only my imagination. 


When did you need to use imagination?

I got unwell during the physics final test in class 11th, so I was unable to prepare for the exam. However, I made it to the exam and answered the questions by imagining scenarios and writing them down in my own words. 


How difficult or easy was it?

It was initially tough for me to attend the examination because I was entirely sick until the exam date. But, because I generally construct stories to read about physics, I could attempt the paper. At the time of the exam, I only glanced over the concepts and took the exam.


Explain how you felt about it?

I was initially concerned about whether or not I would be able to respond adequately. However, after finishing the exam, I was extremely pleased with myself because I had done so well only by picturing and visualising. 



The endeavour to write the exam with imagination worked, and I received decent grades in that exam.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Question: Do you think adults can have lots of imagination?

Answer: I believe that creativity develops with age. Because children are free of duties and stresses, they can imagine numerous things; occasionally, they can conceive things that are not conceivable in reality. On the other hand, I believe that adults can imagine correctly and construct just those possible stories; nevertheless, due to workload and stress, their imagination ability is lower than that of youngsters. 

Question: Do you think imagination is necessary for scientists?

Answer: Yes, imagination is required to create something unique. Scientists cannot create interesting equipment and devices unless they don’t use their imagination. They actually require a good sense of imagination. 

Question: What kind of jobs need imagination?

Answer: Imagination is required in many industries, including design, computer programming, event management, architectural work, and all types of scientific jobs. A person with a low imagination level cannot excel in this sector, but someone with a high imagination level can achieve great success. 

Question: What subjects are helpful for people’s imagination? 

Answer: Imagination comes easily to children, but it is a mental habit that must be taught and repeated throughout life: "Young human beings need exercises in imagination as much as they need practice in all the necessary life skills." Literature, inquiry stories, and daring acts are beneficial to people's imaginations, in my opinion.

Question: Do you think children can have a good imagination level?

Answer: Yes, the most significant component of any scientific invention is imagination.  Scientists must examine things from a fresh angle. People laughed at the Wright Brothers when they thought they could create a machine that could transport humans into the sky. But, thanks to their inventiveness and experiments, they were successful, and the rest is history. So, no scientific creation is conceivable without creativity. 

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With dedication and hard work in the right direction, you can easily prepare for the IELTS speaking cue card test. 

We hope you are now clear on how to answer the “Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination” type of IELTS speaking cue card questions. But, if you still need further details on how to prepare for IELTS, you can contact Prepare IELTS Exam (PI) expert counsellors for additional guidance. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best test material and guidance to ace the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session and an IELTS online practice test via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388 for further queries. 


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