Understanding IELTS Difficulty Level: What You Need to Know

Find Out the IELTS Difficulty Level 2024 - Everything You Need to Know

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Are you going to appear in the upcoming IELTS Exam? Do you want to know the IELTS difficulty level for the year 2024? If yes, then it is crucial to check the IELTS difficulty level to prepare best for it. It will also help you to know the important topics or areas where you need to focus on.

According to the experts, the overall difficulty level of IELTS Exam 2024 was moderate to difficult. In this blog, we will delve into the specifics of the IELTS exam difficulty level in 2024, examining each section of the test - Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.

Section Wise IELTS Difficulty Level 2024

Below, you can check the IELTS Test Difficulty Level 2024 for all four sections.


IELTS Reading Difficulty Level 2024

The IELTS Reading section has 40 questions that assess your ability to comprehend and analyse written texts.

According to the candidates who appeared in the 2024 Exam, the difficulty level of IELTS is moderate to difficult. Test-takers often found a mix of straightforward and challenging questions in this section. The passages covered a wide range of topics that were taken from various journals, newspapers, books, and magazines. Hence, if you have a solid command of vocabulary, then you can easily get a good band score in the reading section.


IELTS Listening Difficulty Level 2024

Listening skills are paramount for success in the IELTS Listening section; this section consists of 40 audio-recording questions.

In 2024, the difficulty level of IELTS Exam in the listening section was particularly high. The audio clips included various accents and dialects, which were not repeated previously. Many test takers found some questions trickier, which tested their ability to identify key points, details, and implicit information.

Candidates found this section particularly difficult because the audio clips were based on various accents, including Australian, British, American, and New Zealand accents. Here, you should focus on understanding different accents to boost your IELTS Listening Band score.


IELTS Writing Difficulty Level 2024

The IELTS Writing section evaluates your ability to express ideas coherently and effectively in written form. In 2024, essay topics asked in the exam reflected current global issues and trends. The emphasis was on critical thinking and the ability to support arguments with evidence.

Due to the need for precision, coherence, and grammatical accuracy, this section of the IELTS exam was rated more complex than others by test-takers and experts. Hence, if you focus on English grammar for IELTS, you can get better scores in writing tasks.


IELTS Speaking Difficulty Level 2024

The IELTS Speaking section assesses your ability to communicate effectively in English. In 2024, the speaking test included more interactive tasks, such as discussions or debates on contemporary issues. Fluency, pronunciation, and coherent responses were crucial in achieving a high score.

Most of the test takers found IELTS difficulty level of this section high due to their discomfort in speaking fluent English. But if you prepare well and focus on grammar, English fluency, and pronunciation, then you can find the IELTS speaking test section easy.

You can practice with IELTS Sample Papers to improve your overall IELTS Score, designed on the actual exam difficulty level.


Average Band Score According to IELTS 2024 Difficulty Level

Achieving your desired band score in IELTS depends on various factors, including your proficiency in English, test preparation, and the difficulty level in a particular year. According to the expert analysis, it is assumed that most test takers can get scores close to 6-8 in IELTS 2024. However, it ultimately depends on test takers – Did they find the exam difficult, moderate, or easy? Did they answer most of the asked questions correctly and in an engaging way?

Therefore, it is essential to focus on your IELTS Preparation to ensure that you secure a 7+ band score in IELTS.


In 2024, the IELTS difficulty level continued challenging test-takers in various ways across its various sections. However, if you prepare well and practice sample questions, then you can achieve the desired band score while appearing for upcoming tests.

We hope you got a clear idea about the IELTS Difficulty Level 2024. If you are planning to go abroad, then you must prepare best for IELTS and get a good band score. Prepare IELTS (PI) can help you achieve your desired score; you can register on the PI Website and start preparing for the IELTS.

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The difficulty level may vary from year to year and person to person. In 2024, the test-takers found the exam moderate to difficult due to the mix of question types and topics.

To excel in the IELTS Writing section, practice writing essays on current issues and seek feedback from experienced instructors.

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