Describe a piece of art you like - IELTS cue card

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Describe a piece of art you like - IELTS cue card


Speaking is more than just displaying or flaunting a large vocabulary; it is an art that demands exact attention. The IELTS speaking test cue card section allows you to demonstrate your language skills and express yourself in depth.

This blog is dedicated to unravelling the complexity of responding to a popular IELTS speaking cue card topic: "Describe a piece of art you like." This topic emphasises the value of personal thoughts and perspectives, allowing test participants to showcase their linguistic ability.

Describe a piece of art you like cue card - sample answer 1


According to me, art pieces are the most authentic way to describe your imagination. I have always appreciated a variety of artistic mediums. 


What the piece of art is?/ Where did you see it?

Well, "Café Terrace at Night" by Vincent van Gogh is a work of art that I really admire. A few years back, when visiting an art gallery, I first saw this enthralling picture, and it made a deep impression on me.


Describe the piece of art.

"Café Terrace at Night" shows a busy outdoor café under a starry night sky lit by warm, brilliant colours. The café's yellow façade sparkles in the lamplight, giving the environment a feeling of cosiness and warmth as customers mix and enjoy their drinks. Van Gogh's unique brushwork and use of powerful, swirling strokes gave the painting a sense of movement and life, bringing the viewer into the scene.


Why do you like it so much? 

This painting intrigues me, mainly because of its distinct viewpoint and the way van Gogh embodies the mood and ambience of the café. The picture gains depth and character from the stark visual contrast that is created between the warm yellows of the café and the chilly blues of the night sky. 

Furthermore, van Gogh's preoccupation with depicting commonplace images and moments of life is evident in "Café Terrace at Night". He turned a basic café scene into a colourful and captivating picture that entices spectators to lose themselves in the lively spirit of the night with his expressive technique and use of colour. 



Overall, I find "Café Terrace at Night" to be admirable because of its emotional resonance and mood, in addition to its stunning visual appeal. It is a moving reminder of the ability of art to take us to new settings and eras, granting us the chance to feel astonishment, joy, and introspection.

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Describe a piece of art you like cue card - sample answer 2


I mean, I'm a big fan of the arts. My mother is a painter, and she found her true interest in experimenting with new art forms played a big role in my childhood. Thus, I was exposed to various art styles during my childhood. However, one of my favourite art forms is resin art. 


What the piece of art is?

Resin art is a mixture of unique patterns and textures created by blending epoxy resin, a liquid chemical, with different pigments and additives. The resin mixture undergoes a chemical reaction with its constituents and finally solidifies into a plastic. 


Where did you see it?

I observed my mother creating resin art one lovely day as I was walking near her room. Because I used to live in a different city due to my college, I barely remained at home. So, during my holidays, I came to my hometown to spend a few days with my parents. When I came home, I saw the most exquisite piece on the table in the drawing room that my mother had put together. 


Describe the piece of art.

The table was the best option for modern luxury art because it is composed of strong, premium synthetic material with a beautiful, transparent water effect. It adopted ideas and designs that are genuinely regarded as unimaginable. 


Why do you like it so much? 

I have never been more in awe of a piece of furniture in my life. That imaginative table was exquisite and exceeded everyone's expectations, and the workpiece was of amazing quality. It was an absolutely one-of-a-kind artwork that would never be made again. 



It's just that this kind of art is difficult yet straightforward, and even some errors can look like designs.

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Describe a piece of art you like cue card - sample answer 3


One pencil stroke is all the artist requires to complete the colour. Sketching is regarded as one of the hardest types of art. 


What the piece of art is?

This artwork I am describing her is called Santa Maria Della Neve. It is unthinkable that there would have been any human figures or symbols in this landscape artwork. In order to indicate tree branches and foliage, pen and ink lines were created over a partially erased pencil sketch. Lines that followed the curves of the landforms were drawn to suggest the solidity of the earth. 


Where did you see it?

A group from Cyprus conducted an exhibition in which they featured a project of this artwork as part of a fundraising event.


Describe the piece of art.

During long hikes across the hills where he lived with his stepmother, paternal grandparents, and uncle Francesco, his first playmate, Leonardo explored these early haunts. At an early age, Leonardo began collecting everything, including little creatures, flowers, leaves, and oddly shaped pieces of wood.


Why do you like it so much? 

This was a dynamic art form where new trends and styles were constantly emerging in quick succession. It also made a more personal connection with the audience and might be interpreted in several ways.



Such art immediately draws one's attention due to its attractiveness. It truly is something that merits being referred to as a feather in the artist's cap.

IELTS speaking part 3 - Follow up questions

Question: What kinds of traditional handicrafts are there in your country?

Answer: The gottapatti artwork from the Rajasthani villages is renowned in my nation. The saree's fine workmanship is evident in its minute nuances. This work is also recognised Internationally for its uniqueness. 


Question: Should children learn more about art?

Answer: A young mind can be creatively enhanced through the medium of art. Children interested in art will likely acquire many other talents, such as brainstorming and teamwork. They might as well make a career out of the art in their older years.


Question: Why do some people think it is difficult to understand art?

Answer: Sometimes, the complexity of art is so great that it is beyond human comprehension. A well-known artist once said that a single brushstroke on a painting might convey a whole narrative. The general public finds it exceedingly challenging to comprehend the depth and significance of art.


Question: Do you think art should be included in the school curriculum? Why?

Answer: Learning art has many advantages. I would also like to add that including art in school curricula will encourage students to investigate more, allowing them to identify what is best for their futures. 


Question: What kind of jobs require people to be creative? 

Answer: Creativity is a prerequisite for jobs like fashion and graphic design. Furthermore, as dynamics change, innovation is needed for even mundane jobs like coding. The website or app they create must be visually appealing to attract users.


Question: What kinds of jobs are available for creative people?

Answer: A creative person can work in many different fields. Moving on to resin art from the music industry. There are lots of prospects in the current market. A person with the appropriate skill set can learn anything they desire.


In conclusion, to produce an excellent IELTS speaking cue card subject response, you need to quickly explore potential areas of discussion for the topic. Always prepare your response in advance before speaking it out loud to the IELTS exam interviewer. Try to persuade the interviewer that you are proficient in vocabulary by using more words.

We hope you are now clear on how to answer cue card questions like “Describe a piece of art you like” type of IELTS speaking cue card questions. But, if you need further details on how to prepare for IELTS, you can contact the Prepare IELTS exam (PI) expert counsellors for further guidance. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best guidance in the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session online via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388.


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