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IELTS Grammar Guide and Rules for 2024

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Grammar is frequently seen as the cornerstone of efficient communication and is an essential skill for learning the English language. A solid command of grammar is essential while taking the IELTS test, which evaluates a person's English language skills.

Thus, spending time honing your grammar for the IELTS is essential if you want to get a high score. But how can you get the complete guide on English Grammar for IELTS? 

In order to assist students, we have created a concise reference on English grammar specifically for the IELTS exam. This guide includes key vocabulary and grammar rules that will help you improve your score in the 2024 exam. 

Now, let's get started and continue reading.

English Grammar for IELTS – Syllabus for 2024

Before learning about grammar rules for IELTS 2024, it is essential to know the topics that are generally asked in the exam. Below, you can check the Grammar Syllabus for IELTS 2024.

S.No. Syllabus


Tense rules and examples










Article rules


Simile and metaphors


Degree of comparison rules



Basic English Grammar for IELTS for All Sections

The IELTS Exam has four sections, each relying on specific aspects of grammar. Let's understand how grammar applies to the Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing sections.


English Grammar for IELTS Reading

In the Reading section, you will encounter various sentence structures, including complex and compound sentences. Hence, understanding grammar concepts like subject-verb agreement, verb tenses, and modifiers will help you analyse and comprehend the text effectively.


English Grammar for IELTS Listening

Listening to diverse accents and speech patterns in the Listening section can be challenging, wherein a solid grasp of grammar, including verb forms, prepositions, and conjunctions, will assist you in understanding the context and extracting key information.


English Grammar for IELTS Speaking

In the Speaking section, grammar is essential for conveying your thoughts clearly and coherently. So, proper sentence structure, verb tense usage, and vocabulary choice are crucial to impress the examiners.


English Grammar for IELTS Writing

The Writing section demands precision in grammar; hence, correct use of articles, punctuation, verb tenses, and sentence structure will elevate the quality of your essays and reports.

Important Grammar Rules for IELTS 2024

Here, we are providing all the grammar rules for IELTS 2024 that you must take into account to boost your band score in the exam.


The Simple Aspect Grammar Rules for IELTS

The simple aspect is fundamental in conveying actions in the English language; therefore, understanding when and how to use it will improve your language precision.

The simple aspect refers to activities that are happening at the moment of speaking or is a general truth. For instance, "She reads books" indicates a habitual action. Understanding the nuances between simple present and other tenses is crucial for both the speaking and writing sections.


Present Perfect and Simple Past Verb Tenses Rules for IELTS

Navigating the fine line between present perfect and simple past tense is crucial; hence, learn when to use each tense with clarity.

The present perfect is used to connect the past and the present, while the simple past is used for actions completed in the past. Proper usage of these tenses is vital in both the Speaking and Writing sections to accurately convey the timeline of events.


Passive Voice Grammar Rules for IELTS

In IELTS Writing, mastering the passive voice can elevate your score.

The passive voice is often used to shift the focus from the doer of the action to the action itself. This can be particularly useful in the Writing section when discussing processes, trends, or impersonal observations.


Modal Verbs Grammar Rules for IELTS

Modal verbs express possibility, necessity, and more, so grasping the versatility of modal verbs can enhance your writing and speaking skills.

Modal verbs like "can," "must," and "should" are frequently used in the IELTS exam to express various degrees of certainty, obligation, and permission. Understanding when and how to use them can significantly improve your ability to convey your meanings in both the writing and speaking sections.


Definite Article Grammar Rules for IELTS

"The" may seem simple, but its usage requires finesse. It is used to refer to specific or known items. Moreover, understanding when to use "the" and when to ignore it can significantly impact your ability to describe and discuss topics in the writing and speaking sections.


Adjective Comparison Grammar Rules for IELTS

Comparing adjectives is vital for expressing ideas accurately, and familiarising yourself with comparative and superlative forms is important to get a good band score in IELTS.

Adjective comparison is frequently used in both writing and speaking sections to express degrees of comparison. Understanding the rules for forming comparative and superlative adjectives is crucial for accurately describing trends, differences, and preferences.


Eradicate Frequent Spelling Mistakes Grammar Rules for IELTS

Improving your writing by eliminating common spelling errors is essential to getting a 6+ band score in IELTS. Regularly reviewing common spelling errors and practising your spelling skills can help address the issue of frequent spelling mistakes in the writing section.


Sentence Construction Grammar Rules for IELTS

Learning the art of coherent structuring of sentences that convey your ideas effectively will help you achieve your desired IELTS score. Sentence construction is the foundation of effective communication in the speaking and writing sections.

Therefore, pay attention to sentence structure while avoiding run-on sentences & fragments to ensure your ideas are expressed clearly and coherently.

Vocabulary for IELTS 2024

Below, you can check the vocabulary for IELTS 2024 that you can use during your speaking, reading, or writing exam.

IELTS Section Vocabulary for IELTS 2024

IELTS Speaking Vocabulary Words List

For Example

Another reason

These days

At the moment


Years ago

When I was younger

I reckon

It was caused

For Instance

In the past






On the other hand

On the contrary


Even Though




Reading and Writing IELTS vocabulary list













Narrate, Inform 

Display, Exhibit 

Recent, Current 



Vital, Crucial 






Best Resource to Get IELTS Grammar Book 2024

There are plenty of resources available in the market that claim to help you improve your Grammar for IELTS. But, to supplement your preparation, we recommend preparing Grammar for IELTS from trusted resources.

In your journey to mastering IELTS grammar, choosing the right resources is crucial. You must look for grammar books, online courses, and updated practice materials according to the 2024 exam format.

Prepare IELTS (PI) provides the IELTS Grammar Book tailored for the 2024 exam. Along with IELTS English grammar PDF, we will also provide you with targeted exercises and explanations to hone your grammar skills.

You can check our Sample Questions and Answers to start your IELTS Exam Journey with us. Our dedicated trainers have created the IELTS material and sample papers to help students prepare for the IELTS. Register yourself and download IELTS Sample Papers now.


As you embark on your IELTS journey in 2024, remember that grammar forms the foundation of effective communication. Insights shared in this blog can serve as your compass, guiding you toward success in the IELTS examination. As a whole, understanding the grammar rules and practising their application in all test sections helps you approach the exam and achieve the desired score.

If you are planning to study abroad, you must prepare best for IELTS to get a good band score, and to achieve your desired score in the exam, Prepare IELTS (PI) will help you. You can register on the PI Website and start preparing for the IELTS.

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Grammar plays a crucial role in conveying your ideas accurately, impacting your scores in all sections. It is not just about correctness; it is about effective communication.

Regular practice, word lists, and online tools can help enhance your spelling skills.

Prepare IELTS (PI) provides you with grammar books and online courses for IELTS 2024 that will help you get good band scores in each section.


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