Newest Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking Test:2024

IELTS Speaking 2024 Newest Vocabulary

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IELTS Speaking 2024 Newest Vocabulary


"Does having a strong vocabulary help me do well on the IELTS Speaking section?"  

Every IELTS candidate has this typical question. "YES-Mastering vocabulary is a fundamental aspect of excelling in the IELTS Speaking test" is the response you will receive from an IELTS specialist.  

Not only can a large and varied vocabulary help you communicate ideas more effectively and precisely, but it also has a big effect on your band average.   

In this context, we are giving you the crucial vocabulary for the IELTS Speaking test, which will enable you to do incredibly well on the test.   

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS Exam 2024

A wide-ranging vocabulary empowers you to convey your thoughts with accuracy and sophistication, whether you are describing everyday experiences, discussing abstract concepts, or elaborating on a given topic. 

In the following sections, we are providing you with some of the latest vocabulary to aid in your preparation for the IELTS exam. 

So, let's embark on this journey to enhance your vocabulary skills for the IELTS Speaking test 2024.

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS Exam

















IELTS Speaking Vocabulary for Band 9, 8 and 7

A strong vocabulary includes synonyms, idiomatic expressions, and context-appropriate language to enhance your responses.

Additionally, staying updated with the latest vocabulary trends is crucial, as the IELTS test continually evolves to reflect contemporary language usage.

Furthermore, you can check the advanced vocabulary for IELTS Speaking that can impress examiners and help you get a good IELTS Band score



Check the list of advertisement vocabulary words for the IELTS Speaking test. 

Advertisement Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking 2024

Advertising agency

Advertising budget

Brand awareness

Brand loyalty

Celebrity endorsement

Classified ads 

Cold calling

Commercial break 

Commercial channel

Going viral

Junk Mail

Mailing list

Mass media

Niche product

Press release

Product placement

Sales page

To show adverts

Spam email

Word of mouth

Target audience



Here is the important vocabulary for IELTS Speaking in the relationship category.

Relationships Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking 2024

To split up

To drift apart

To enjoy someone’s company

To be head over heels in love with someone

To develop a strong dislike for someone

To get along like a house on fire

To get along well with

To become acquainted with

To have ups and downs

To have a lot in common

To become good friends

To keep in touch

To lose contact with

Love at first sight



Know the Technology vocabulary words for IELTS Speaking from the table below.

Technology Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking 2024

Access to the Internet

Advances in technology

Backup your files

Become rapidly obsolete 

Computer literate

Control remotely

Downloading from the Internet 

Electronic Funds Transfer

Glued to the screen

Hacking into the network

Internet of Things


Labour-saving device

Online piracy

Reinstall the programs

Shut down

Social media networks

State-of-the-art technology

Surfing the web

To click on an icon

To crash

To Log in

To upgrade your computer system


Travel & Tourism

Below, we are providing some of the latest vocabulary words for IELTS Speaking that you can use in Travel and Tourism related topics. 

Travel & Tourism Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking 2024

Affordable destinations

Affordable travel 

Arts and Culture

Craft markets

Do what the locals do

Good public transportation

Exotic destinations

Move around

Guided tours

Holiday brochures

Holiday destination

Long-haul flights

Lush rainforests

Magnificent landscapes

Make reservations ahead of time

Memorable experiences

Off the beaten path

Out of season

Packaged deals

Quaint villages

Scenic views

Self-catering accommodation

Spectacular beaches

Beautiful architecture

Swarming with tourists

Time on their hands

To get away from everything

To go sightseeing

Travel abroad

Travelling light

Value for money

Visa rules

Wildlife safari

Affordable destinations

Around the world


Art, Books & Paintings 

If you find a topic of Art, Books, or paintings in IELTS Speaking, then you can use the following vocabulary to impress the examiner.

Art, Books & Paintings Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking 2024

Curl up with a book

Thrillers and action novels

A strong plotline

Cover to cover

A rom-com film

Characterisation is strong

Someone recommended it to me

Dark humour

The genre of a film

Commercial blockbusters

Online streaming

To commission a film

Cultural heritage


Friends & Family

The following vocabulary words in the IELTS exam can be used for the family and friends category to perform amazingly in the Speaking test.

Friends & Family Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking 2024

A friend for life

A relationship based on trust

Arrange a dinner date

A shoulder to cry on

Close-knit family

Dear to my heart

Distant cousins

To extend the hand of friendship

Extended family

Learn about each other

Immediate family

A long-lost friend

Long-term relationships

Care for our friendships

Professional relationships

Relationship problems

Share the same background

Share the same ideas

Stand the test of time

To like being with someone

To work well together

To have a lot in common

To get along right away

To stay in contact with

To lose touch with


Food & Nutrition

Here are the latest vocabulary words to use in IELTS Speaking in the Food and Nutrition category.

Food & Nutrition Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking 2024

Outskirts of large cities

Factory emissions

Pollutants in food


Chemical fertilisers

Commute to work


Reuse and recycle

Waste from factories


Own-branded products


People, Personalities & Character

To get a good IELTS Speaking band score, use the below-mentioned vocabulary of People, Personalities & Character category.

People, Personalities & Character Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking 2024



control freak

an eye for detail

reliable and dependable

negative trait

parental way

interpersonal skills


generous listener





Fitness & Health

Below is the list of the latest vocabulary and useful words for IELTS Speaking Test in the fitness and health category.

Fitness & Health Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking 2024

Balanced diet

Flavoursome and appealing

Convenient takeaway

Productive at work

Processed meat

Function successfully

Adopted a vegan diet


School & Education

Use the following latest IELTS Speaking Vocabulary in School and Education related topics. 

School & Education Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking 2024


old-school strict


encourage collaboration

pressure to meet deadlines

learning expectations

role plays






boarding school

extracurricular activities

peer group

remote learning


Work & Career 

The remarkable and useful vocabulary for IELTS Speaking related to work and career is provided below.

Work & Career Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking 2024

A field (of work)

Motivated about



Cutting edge

Huge appreciation

Follow-up care

Pension scheme

Job security

Start-up community


Climate Change

Use the climate vocabulary listed below to improve your IELTS Speaking band score. It will assist you in enhancing your exam score.

Climate Change Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking 2024

Hybrid car

Carbon footprint


Growing season



Natural fertiliser

Chemical fertiliser



Vegetable scraps

Non-chemical compost



Solar panels

Environmentally conscious

Green lifestyle



Conventional merchandise

Fuel emissions

Fossil fuels


In the realm of IELTS Speaking, vocabulary is your passport to success as it enables you to express your thoughts clearly, concisely, and with sophistication, ultimately impacting your band score. This guide has illuminated the role of vocabulary words in the IELTS Speaking test and introduced you to the latest vocabulary trends. 

As you continue your IELTS preparation journey, remember that building a useful vocabulary for IELTS speaking is not a one-time effort; regular practice, exposure to diverse sources of English, and active commitment to expanding your lexical repertoire are essential. 

We hope you have an idea about the latest vocabulary for IELTS speaking that you can use to score better on the test. You can start practising the IELTS Speaking Test by including these vocabularies. Moreover, you can get our Speaking sample test papers by Registering on the PIE Website.

If you need further guidance, please contact Prepare IELTS (PIE) expert counsellors. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best advice in the IELTS exam.

You can get a one-on-one counselling session online via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388.


To enhance your IELTS Speaking vocabulary, read extensively in English, watch English-language programs, and listen to podcasts. Also, practice speaking on various topics and pay attention to word choice and pronunciation.

While there are no specific vocabulary lists, you should familiarise yourself with a broad range of vocabulary, including synonyms, idiomatic expressions, and topic-related terms.

Using formal and standard English in the IELTS Speaking test is generally best. Informal language may be acceptable depending on the context, though it's safer to maintain a formal tone.

While advanced vocabulary can enhance your responses, using words appropriately and naturally is essential. Overly complex or misused vocabulary can have the opposite effect, so prioritise clarity and precision.

Engage in mock Speaking tests with a language partner, tutor, or online resources. Challenge yourself to incorporate advanced vocabulary while maintaining coherent and relevant responses. Gradually, this will become more natural and effective.


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