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IELTS Test Results are Withheld or Delayed for What Reasons?

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Did you appear for the IELTS Exam and are eagerly waiting for your IELTS Result? Is your IELTS Test Result withheld or delayed by the authority?

Well, many candidates may face issues in receiving their IELTS results. The authority may withheld or delayed their result due to some discrepancies. If you have received a mail from the conducting authority that Your IELTS Result is withheld or delayed, then you must know why. 

There are several factors that contribute to IELTS result delays, including quality control checks, potential test irregularities, and identity verification concerns. However, the authority has specified some terms and conditions to ensure timely delivery of the IELTS Test Results. 

In this comprehensive guide, we are providing the complete details of why IELTS test results can be withheld or delayed, the terms and conditions for IELTS Results, and what to do if your IELTS Result is delayed or withheld. 

Read the blog further and avoid these discrepancies to get the IELTS Result on time.  

IELTS Test Results Withheld or Delayed - Top Reasons

Understanding why IELTS test results can be withheld or delayed is essential to avoid these frustrating situations. You can check the top reasons for IELTS Result delay below.

  • Quality control check issues, such as problems with the test centre’s equipment or network and test management system, can lead to delays in result processing. These issues may include computer malfunctions, connectivity problems, or even power outages. Test-takers are not at fault in such cases, but their results may still be affected.

  • Irregularities during the test, such as disruptive behaviour, cheating, or violation of test rules, can also result in IELTS result delays. Test centres are vigilant in ensuring a fair testing environment, and any deviation from the established norms can lead to an investigation and subsequent result hold.

  • Identity verification concerns arise when there are doubts about a test-taker's identity during or after the examination. If the verification process reveals discrepancies in the provided identification documents, it may delay the result processing.

However, there are some pre-specified terms and conditions shared on the official portal.

Terms and Conditions for IELTS Exam Result

IELTS has a set of terms and conditions to which every candidate must adhere; these conditions primarily relate to registration, identification, test conduction, and candidate responsibilities. Consequently, failure to meet these conditions can result in delays or even test cancellation.

There are three Terms and Conditions for IELTS Results. You can check them below.


First Terms and Conditions

It says that if IELTS test partners wish to evaluate your test carefully, it could take longer than 13 days to receive your results. Such acts may be caused by one of two things:

  • Your IELTS feel the need to recheck the exam.

  • They wish to conduct a quality control inspection of the test management process.

If there is a difference of two or more bands in each module of the IELTS, your test will be rechecked by your test partners.


Second Terms and Conditions

In addition to the primary terms and conditions, IELTS has a secondary set of requirements.

IELTS assessors have the right to revoke your results if they discover any irregularities with your test. You can also request to retake the test in its entirety or in part.

To preserve the integrity of the IELTS Test, the test administrators always follow stringent quality control methods. It means that people might examine your outcome. Your result is either delayed or suppressed during this investigation.


Third Terms and Conditions

If the information you or your agent gave to the Recognising Organisations is altered or modified on the Test Report Form, your test result can be cancelled.

If your submitted information has been changed or modified, then your IELTS Exam result could be cancelled. Make sure the information you provide is accurate. If you want to hire an agent to help you with the process, make sure you speak with a reliable one.

What to Do If Your IELTS Exam Results Are Delayed or Withheld?

After being delayed or withheld IELTS Result, one of the main questions that comes to mind is what to do now.

If you receive an e-mail with “Your IELTS Result is Delayed or Withheld”, then you must wait for it. However, there is no fixed time to declare your IELTS Test Result as sometimes it may take one week or more than 3 months. Hence, you can retake the test if you have no time.


Retaking Your IELTS Test

If your IELTS Exam result is delayed or withheld, one option is to retake the test. This decision requires careful consideration and involves additional time, effort, and expenses. Before retaking the test, it is essential to identify the reason for the delay and address any issues that contributed to it.

One of the primary steps in retaking the IELTS test is registering for a new test date. Choose a suitable date, considering your preparation and the available test centres. Moreover, it is an opportunity to improve your performance and achieve the desired results.


Plan to Take Your IELTS Test

Here are some tips to ensure a smooth testing experience and prompt result delivery -

  • Thorough Preparation - Adequate preparation, including practice tests and language improvement, can increase your chances of success in the IELTS test.

  • Early Registration - Register for the test well in advance to secure your preferred test date and location.

  • Familiarise Yourself with Test Rules - Understand the IELTS test rules and regulations to avoid any rule violations that could result in delays.

  • Proper Identification - Ensure that your identification documents are up to date and match your registration information.

  • Test Day Checklist - Make a checklist of essential items to bring on test day, including your identification documents and test registration confirmation.

By following these tips and being well-prepared, you can reduce the likelihood of experiencing delays in receiving your IELTS results.


In conclusion, the IELTS test results are withheld or delayed due to various reasons, including loopholes or issues with the administration of the IELTS test, irregularities during the test, and identity verification concerns. Thus, understanding the terms and conditions set by IELTS is essential for avoiding such delays, and being aware of the post-test responsibilities and candidate rights is equally important. If your results are delayed or withheld, you have the option to retake the test, but it's vital to address the issues that caused the delay.

We hope the above information will guide you in ensuring that you get test results on time or understand the reasons behind the delay in test results. You can now start practising with the Free IELTS Sample Test and prepare your best to get a good band score. Register for Free Now.

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IELTS Exam results can be delayed due to technical issues, irregularities during the test, or identity verification concerns.

To avoid result delays, make sure you accurately register, follow test rules, and handle test materials responsibly.

If your results are delayed, consider retaking the test and addressing the issues that caused the delay.

Yes, you can request a review of your IELTS Exam results if you believe there was an error in the scoring process.

Adequate preparation involves practice tests, language improvement, and familiarity with the test format and rules. You can check the experts' suggested tips for IELTS and follow these tips to boost your band score.


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