Know About the Top US Universities Accepting Only IELTS scores for MS

USA Universities Accepting IELTS Exam For MS, No GRE Needed

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USA Universities Accepting IELTS


Are you planning to prepare for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) entrance exam? Did you know there are universities in USA where you can study MS without the GRE? These are some of the common questions in the minds of candidates aiming to study in the USA.

Some universities in the USA accept IELTS scores for MS rather than GRE. GRE is one of the most challenging exams, and students struggle to clear it after their first attempt and secure good scores.

In this blog, you will learn which universities in the USA accept the IELTS exam score, how one can pursue an MS in USA without GRE, which universities in US that accept IELTS, and much more. If you are anxious about pursuing your graduate degree in MS but need help clearing your GRE, no need to worry; just go through this blog to get more information.

List of Universities in USA without GRE

Many universities offer MS in USA without GRE. However, students do have the option of submitting their GRE scores. Below is the list of top universities in USA without GRE. Get more information about these universities in this section: 


University of Purdue

It is one of the most reputable universities in the USA and offers MS without the GRE. Purdue is one of the best universities in the U.S., providing an MS without the GRE. It is a public research university and one of the top 20 graduate schools in the USA.


California State University

California State University is located in the same place as Silicon Valley. It offers excellent prospects while not requiring GRE scores from candidates. Its seven academic colleges provide degrees in around 58 different graduating disciplines. Therefore, applying for an MS in the USA without the GRE is a good alternative.


Steven Institue of Technology

Steven Institute of Technology has made it optional for candidates to ensure an easy admission procedure. The private academic institute in New Jersey accepts graduate students without GRE scores.


University of Mexico

The University of New Mexico is a renowned public research university in the US and one of the oldest higher education institutions. It offers master's degrees in engineering, business, education, health, and other fields.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Candidates are not required to submit their GRE scores to MIT for a few programs. MIT is one of the best colleges in the world for engineering and computer science courses. The world rank of MIT is 4, and the university is dedicated to providing its students with academic study and an intellectually diverse campus community.


University of Dayton

If you want to opt for MS in the USA without taking the GRE, check out the University of Dayton. GRE scores are optional for all candidates at this university. It is a national research institution in Ohio and is among the most prestigious colleges in the USA, holding rank among the Top 100 universities.


The University of Wichita

If you want to apply for admission in the USA, you can consider Wichita State University without taking the GRE. The university is proud of its diverse student body, including individuals from more than 100 nations. Its engineering programs are highly recommendable among US universities.


University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati is one of the leading public institutions in the USA's research universities. Students can easily apply to the University of Cincinnati without GRE. Its campus endures academic excellence, diversified life, and innovative spirits for students to learn and grow.


Bridgeport State University

It is another university providing an MS in the USA without the GRE. The university is a private institution that offers programs at all levels—certificate, doctorate, master’s, bachelor’s and associate degrees. It also includes three colleges and sixteen schools that provide courses in all major fields. MS Computer Engineering, MS Computer Science, MS Electrical Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering, and MS Biomedical Engineering courses are available without the GRE.


University of North Texas

The University of North Texas is a research institute that offers bachelor’s, certification, doctoral, and master’s degree programs. Its few well-known disciplines are business, administration, marketing, liberal arts, creative arts, and visual and performing arts.


Boston University

Boston is a private research university in Massachusetts. It offers graduate and undergraduate science, commerce, humanities, medicine, education, arts, and social studies courses. If you wish to study for a master's degree in the US without taking the GRE, you can look up the courses at this university.

Now that we have discussed the universities, it is time to know some key points about the US universities:

  • Most universities in the USA favour candidates who score at least a 3.0 GPA (85%) in their undergraduate courses.

  • Students who don't have a GRE can still apply for both technical and non-technical courses.

  • There are some USA schools and universities that no longer require GRE scores.

Is IELTS accepted in USA

Yes, IELTS is accepted in USA; below are IELTS accepting universities in USA.

  1. The University of Florida

  2. University of Pittsburgh

  3. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  4. George Mason University

  5. Washington State University

  6. Park University

  7. The University of Oklahoma

  8. Northeastern University, Boston

  9. San Jose State University

  10. Florida International University

  11. Oklahoma State University Kansas State University

  12. University of Idaho

  13. New Mexico State University

  14. Pace University, New York City

  15. University of Dayton

  16. Villanova University

Universities in US that accept IELTS

The United States of America offers an MS degree in all significant fields and is categorised under the 781 specialisation. Almost all universities or graduate schools accept IELTS scores from candidates, and more than 3 million test-takers apply for the IELTS exam to get admission to different institutions in the US. Most US universities offering MS require an IELTS band of 6.5 or above. However, few other US universities offer conditional admission based on an IELTS score below the band of 6.5.

Some of the best specialisations include:

  • Data Science

  • Information Systems Management

  • Engineering Management

  • Computer Science

  • Energy Engineering

  • Pharmacy

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Health Sciences

  • Statistics

  • Finance

These are some IELTS accepting universities in USA that are given below-

Name of Universities World Rank IELTS minimum requirement

Massachusetts Institute of Technology



California Institute of Technology



Harvard University



Princeton University



Yale University



University of Chicago



University of Pennsylvania



University of California, Berkeley



Columbia University



Duke University



Cornell University



University of Michigan



Carnegie Mellon University



Northwestern University



New York University



University of Washington



Boston University



University of California, San Diego



University of Wisconsin-Madison



The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



University of California, Santa Barbara



Brown University



From the list mentioned above, there are no universities accepting IELTS 6 in USA. We have already discussed the universities in US that accept IELTS and MS in USA without GRE and various other things.

So, now it is time to know about those universities in the US that accept students based on the candidates’ academic grades, work experience, and IELTS exam scores without the Graduate Record Examinations/Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)/Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) score. Such universities are Harvard Business School, Case Western, Reserve University, Brandeis University, California State University, Eastern Michigan University, Ball State University and North Dakota State University.

Why do students prefer to apply for the IELTS exam even though they are applying for an MS in the USA?

  • The mode of the exam is offline. Unlike other tests, there is no need to complete IELTS online, and many candidates prefer paper-based evaluations.

  • The candidates will get a quiet testing environment that will help improve their test efficiency.

  • Face-to-face tests help many candidates to demonstrate their communication skills more productively and impressively.

  • The IELTS test includes a combination of everyday and academic English, which will empower candidates’ systems and language skills used in various environments.

The IELTS exam is mandatory in most universities, as it showcases the candidate’s ability to understand everyday lectures or handle workplace scenarios. Therefore, securing 6 band score or above is necessary. So, check the IELTS exam requirement when you apply to the top US universities for MS programs.

Categories for International Student Visas USA

Now, more US colleges and universities have started accepting IELTS exam scores as a significant admission requirement. However, a good IELTS exam score still doesn’t guarantee your visa. Suppose you are planning to do any master’s program in the USA. In that case, you need to apply for student visas from your respective consulate or the USA embassy.

  • F Student Visas are given to those students who want to study at an accredited USA college, university, or English language institute. It is the most common kind of visa applied by international students.

  • J Exchange Visas are mostly granted to students who want to participate in a short-term exchange program, including high school and university studies.

  • M Student Visas are granted to those students who enrol in non-academic or vocational study or training programs in the US.


In a nutshell, if you don’t take the GRE test or can’t score well, you can also still pursue MS in USA. Many universities in the USA offer MS programs without requiring GRE scores for graduate candidates. In the case of optional GRE scores, students have the option of whether to submit their scores or not.

We hope you liked reading the blog. Moreover, if you want to prepare for the IELTS exam or are looking for more information on this topic, we recommend you contact our Prepare IELTS exam (PI) expert counsellors if you need further guidance. Our team of education experts is dedicated to assisting you in the best possible way for the IELTS exam. You can also get a one-on-one counselling session online via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388.


You can pursue an MS in the USA without the GRE and IELTS. Some of the university names are the University of Purdue, California State University, the University of Mexico, and many more.

Students often spend approx $500 and $1100 per month on everything. If your course lasts two years, you’ll pay about USD 15,000 (INR 11,10,000).

Various USA universities do not require the GRE for the MS program. A few universities are the University of Wichita, Bridgeport State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Dayton, and others.


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