Rescheduling IELTS Exam: How to Reschedule IELTS Exam and Cancel it?

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Rescheduling IELTS Exam: How to Reschedule IELTS Exam and Cancel it?


Are you an IELTS aspirant considering appearing for the exam but are also concerned about certain uncertainties that might lead to rescheduling or cancelling the exam? Then don't worry; this blog has all the necessary information on the procedure to follow if in case you need to cancel or reschedule your IELTS exam.

So, let’s discover the difference between rescheduling IELTS exam, cancelling it, the fee charged for the cancellation, and different procedures for both online and offline means. 

Rescheduling IELTS Exam

In this section, we have provided the step-by-step procedure for rescheduling IELTS exam from an online medium according to your requirements. If you wish to reschedule IELTS exam through an offline mode, you can contact your test centre.


Rescheduling IELTS Test Online

How to Cancel an IELTS Exam: Rescheduling your exam does not result in a cancellation; however, it does enable the applicant to take the test on a date other than the one they originally enrolled for. Let's examine the IELTS test online rescheduling rules in more detail. 

  • In order to submit an IELTS rescheduled request, candidates must go to the official IELTS IDP India website and enter their login information to access their test taker profile (Candidate Login Section).

  • Candidates should know that they can only reschedule IELTS test online if the original test date is at least 15 days from the exam date (not including the exam day).

  • Participants in the IELTS test may reschedule their registrations for the test at any time for 34 days and beyond, provided they pay online.

  • Candidates must submit their IELTS test date transfer request and provide supporting documentation, which is subject to approval if they want an IELTS rescheduling 15–34 days prior to the test date. Among the supporting papers include, but are not restricted to:

1. Medical certificate

2. The death certificate or the cremation certificate

3. Letter from the Doctor at the time of death

4. The FIR report given by the police

5. Passport renewal receipt/ receipt from the immigration department

  • After you submit your IELTS date transfer request, an acknowledgement pop-up with information on your IELTS test date rescheduling request will appear.

  • Applicants will have to wait three (3) days to receive an answer from IELTS on their request for a date change.

  • The test taker will receive email and SMS notifications if their date transfer is denied.

  • You must go to the following stage when your transfer request has been validated.

  • Please choose your desired day and city. Read the terms and conditions and agree to them.

  • Upload a copy of your passport.

  • Make the online payment using the payment gateway of your choice.

  • As soon as your payment has been processed, you’ll receive a confirmation about your request for a date transfer and information on your new test centre and date.  

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IELTS Cancellation Policy

The IELTS exam also has a cancellation policy under which a student can cancel it for any particular reason. The process for cancelling the exam is detailed below. Both online and offline means are available to cancel the IELTS exam, along with the extraordinary circumstances and its essentials. 


IELTS Cancellation Policy: Online Mode

As part of the IELTS cancellation policy, candidates wishing to cancel their IELTS test online must carefully adhere to the instructions listed below:

  1. In order to submit an IELTS cancellation request, candidates must go to the official IELTS IDP India website and enter their login information to access their test taker profile (Candidate Login Section).

  2. Applicants should be aware that they can only postpone their IELTS test dates for up to 15 days before the exam date (not including the exam day).

  3. Candidates must submit their IELTS cancellation request and provide supporting documentation between 15 and 34 days prior to the test date. The request is subject to approval.

  4. IELTS test takers may cancel their registrations for the exam by just expressing the reason if they choose to do so for 34 days or more and if payment is made online. No document is needed.

  5. Once you submit your IELTS test cancellation request, an acknowledgement pop-up will appear with all the information about your IELTS test cancellation.

  6. Applicants would have to wait three days to receive confirmation from the IELTS staff that their exam was cancelled.

  7. After administrative IELTS test fees are deducted, your refund will be granted within 10 to 12 working days of your cancellation request being confirmed. The refundable amount will be credited to the card or account used for the online registration.


IELTS Cancellation Policy: Offline Mode

Candidates can use the Test Date Transfer & Cancellation/Refund Application Form to move a pre-booked test date. This allows candidates to either prepone or postpone their IELTS test dates. To seek a transfer, you must, however, go by a few guidelines. It is necessary to submit the request for an IELTS test date transfer at least 15 days before the original test date. The test centre has the only right to choose the new IELTS test date, subject to availability. Nevertheless, applicants would have to pay a transfer charge to use the service. The payment methods listed below must be used to cover the transfer charge. 


IELTS Cancellation Policy: Extraordinary Circumstance

How to Cancel an IELTS Exam: As discussed above, it is best to make any changes or cancellations of IELTS tests at least 15 days before the test date. What occurs then if you go over the 15-day limit and arrive on the day of the test? If you cannot take the exam, you will often forfeit the money you paid to register for the IELTS. Meanwhile, IELTS has created several exclusions that allow applicants to seek a date change in "extraordinary circumstances," subject to IELTS IDP India's permission.

These extraordinary circumstances involve situations like-

  • Serious illness: a condition that prevents the candidate from taking the exam and is associated with a hospital admission. Typhoid, jaundice, the eye flu, infectious diseases, surgery, etc. are a few examples. Please be aware that common viral fever, cold and cough, upset stomach, etc., will not be considered.

  • Serious injury: one that requires hospitalisation, such as a fracture of the hand used for writing, etc.

  • Bereavement or loss: the passing of a close relative, difficulties or trauma.

  • Crime Victim

  • A traffic accident victim

  • Passport lost following test application

  • The passport is sent to the passport office following the application for any services

Only "extraordinary circumstances" will allow candidates to request a date change. Applicants must submit a written application and the pertinent document (original or certified copy) confirmed by a first-class government authority. The applicant must bring the original of each document listed below with their application and present it at the testing facility.

  • Medical certificate displaying the registration number of a licensed physician and signed by them.

  • The discharge summary and hospital admittance certificate (if applicable)

  • FIR or police report

  • Death certificate carrying the registration number and signed by a licensed physician.

  • Receipt from the passport office with the passport number and the anticipated return date written on it

When such a request is received, the testing facility will either grant it or deny it without providing an explanation. Only a transfer request will be considered once an application is approved under extraordinary circumstances, and there will be an administrative fee. The Center's judgment will be final and binding, and the requests for such situations will be examined on a case-by-case basis. The Center alone will decide when to schedule the next exam based only on availability and case-by-case considerations.

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IELTS Test Fee: The Refund Amount

On the cancellation of the IELTS Exam, the student when has followed all the required rules and regulations and can get their amount refunded; those refunds are as follows-

Test Type Exam Fee (INR) IELTS Refund Amount (INR)

Paper-Based IELTS Exam



Paper-Based IELTS for UKVI



Computer-Delivered IELTS



Computer-Delivered IELTS for UKVI



Computer-Delivered IELTS for Life Skills



Rescheduling IELTS Exam: Accepted Payment Modes

As per the IDP IELTS, certain payment modes are only acceptable; those are as follows-

Payment Modes Description

Debit and Credit Card


Card Swipe

Facility available at all IDP branch offices across India

Cash Deposit Slip


Demand Draft/ Pay Order “the


Demand Draft/ Pay Order

The order must be made from a nationalised/scheduled bank and drawn in favour of “IDP Education India Private Limited," payable at New Delhi.

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To conclude, some specific steps and rules need to be followed in the course of reschedule IELTS test and cancel the IELTS test. The rules of cancellation and rescheduling clearly state that in dire situations, students should consider cancelling their exams. It is advised to be prepared for everything possible and appear for your exam on the date that you have scheduled prior.

Above, we have covered all the details regarding rescheduling IELTS Exam, including how to cancel and reschedule it. We hope this piece of information is helpful to you. However, you can contact Prepare IELTS Exam (PI) expert counsellors for more guidance and IELTS preparation. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best guidance in the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session online via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388.


Students are only permitted to postpone the IELTS exam once; therefore, they cannot do it again. Any student who fails to show up for the second exam day will have their IELTS exam declared cancelled. Students must also exercise caution when changing dates because failure to do so might result in losing their IELTS test fee.

IDP India does not allow students to prepone the IELTS date; instead, they may only reschedule or cancel their exam.

There cannot be an IELTS exam postponement the day before the exam unless there is an emergency or an urgent circumstance. You can reschedule your IELTS exam by presenting your medical certificate to the test administrator no later than five days prior to the scheduled exam date. Without a solid reason, students cannot request a test delay from IELTS the day before the exam.

If a student's health prevents them from taking the IELTS exam, they can request a retest by presenting a medical certificate to the testing centre's management. If students have trouble travelling to the test location, they should contact the IELTS testing centre as soon as possible. The test administrators help you by arranging for accommodations as soon as possible for any future exam date.

IELTS exam takers have three months from the first test date to reschedule. After that, no more requests are accepted. Students should choose their exam date carefully and arrive within the allotted ninety days. To prevent any problems, postponement should always be done as soon as feasible.


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