Top 10 Movies to Learn English

Top 10 Movies to Learn English

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Top 10 Movies to Learn English


Do you enjoy watching English movies? Well, it plays a crucial role in improving listening skills, expanding your vocabulary, and fostering cultural understanding. Learning English through movies is an easy, engaging and enjoyable experience and a way to enhance your command of the language.

So, we have got you covered here! Read the blog for this fantastic list of the top 10 English movies perfect for picking up the language.

Why You Should Learn English Through Movies?

Before moving ahead, you must understand what it gives you to learn English through movies. So, take a look at the stellar benefits of learning English through movies.

  • Improved Listening Skills - It helps enhance your listening skills by exposing yourself to various accents, speed, and colloquial expressions.

  • Vocabulary Expansion - It’s a dynamic and enjoyable method for vocabulary expansion, as it exposes you to a diverse range of words used in context, fostering a deeper understanding of language nuances and expressions.

  • Cultural Understanding - It fosters cultural understanding, exposing you to diverse customs, values, and perspectives and enriching language acquisition with context.

  • Pronunciation Practice - It also enhances pronunciation by exposing learners to diverse accents, intonations, and authentic speech patterns, fostering practical communication skills.

Top 10 English Movies

Coming to our main section of best movies to learn English. You can set your selection criteria for the proper film, from varied language levels to cultural relevance. So, head over to the list of top 10 English movies.



Twilight is a supernatural romance film centred around the love story between a human, Bella Swan, and a vampire, Edward Cullen. Their forbidden romance unfolds as they navigate the challenges of love and supernatural threats involving werewolves and vampire clans.

The Twilight movie series can teach English by immersing you in engaging dialogues, varied vocabulary, and contemporary expressions. The narrative complexity provides opportunities to grasp nuanced language use, enhancing listening skills. Moreover, cultural references and emotional contexts contribute to a comprehensive language-learning experience for Twilight enthusiasts.


Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is a captivating tale that enriches English learning with its eloquent dialogue, sophisticated vocabulary, and timeless narrative. The film's enchanting characters and well-crafted script provide an immersive experience, aiding language learners in building vocabulary, understanding context, and improving overall language proficiency.

Beauty and the Beast is an English learning tool that offers a rich linguistic experience. The film's elaborate dialogues, diverse vocabulary, and emotional nuances assist learners in language acquisition. Engaging with the characters and storyline enhances listening skills, cultural understanding, and overall language proficiency in an enchanting and educational way.



Titanic is a cinematic masterpiece that immerses viewers in a poignant love story set against the tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic. The film's evocative narrative and compelling performances create a gripping experience. Its dialogues, emotions, and historical context provide you with a unique and immersive backdrop.

Titanic aids English learning through its riveting storytelling, diverse vocabulary, and emotional depth. The film offers a spectrum of accents and dialogue styles, enhancing listening skills. The historical and romantic context provides cultural insights, fostering language comprehension. Overall, Titanic delivers a captivating and educational language-learning experience.


Harry Potter

The Harry Potter movie series, adapted from J.K. Rowling's novels, is a magical journey that captivates audiences worldwide. Filled with wizardry, friendship, and adventure, British accent movies enrich English learning through their imaginative storytelling, diverse characters, and intricate plot. These British accent movies offer a vibrant tapestry for language learners to explore and enjoy.

The Harry Potter series is a captivating tool for English learning, offering a fantastical universe with rich vocabulary, complex plot structures, and diverse character dialogues. Moreover, it enhances language skills by exposing learners to various accents, idioms, and expressions, making the process enjoyable and immersive while promoting linguistic proficiency.


Pirates of the Caribbean

Well, it’s a movie that every adventure lover will love for sure. Pirates of the Caribbean is a blockbuster movie series that follows the adventures of Black Pearl’s Captain Jack Sparrow. It captivates audiences globally and is loaded with heroic action, supernatural elements, and witty humour.

Pirates of the Caribbean series not only entertains but also offers diverse accents and conversational English, making it an enchanting resource for language learners at various levels. The series immerses you in a captivating adventure, making it an entertaining way to enhance listening skills, vocabulary, and overall language proficiency for both intermediate and advanced English learners.


Toy Story

Toy Story is a 1995 animated film mainly targeted at children and one of the best English movies for students. It's a funny, family-friendly movie featuring a simple storyline and dialogues anyone can understand. Disney and Pixar dominate the animated movie genre, with Toy Story as a stellar example.

Moreover, this film delves into the hidden world of children's toys, showcasing their adventures when not in use. Hugely critically appraised and commercially successful, Toy Story is acclaimed as one of the finest animated movies. Toy Story, a beloved animated series, facilitates English learning through its delightful storytelling and engaging characters.

It provides a diverse range of vocabulary, expressions, and conversational styles. The lighthearted dialogues and universal themes make it an entertaining and educational tool for language learners, especially those at beginner and intermediate levels.


The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby is an animated comedy that adorably explores sibling dynamics. With a witty plot and enchanting characters, it combines humour and heart. The film introduces a range of vocabulary and expressions, making it an entertaining option for English learners while offering valuable language exposure through its delightful narrative.

Besides a unique mix of business language and casual English, the Boss Baby speaks business English while Tim and the other babies use basic informal English. Thus, you will get to learn two types of mixed English.


Thor: Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok is an action film full of special effects, superpowers, fighting scenes, and fabulous costumes. It mainly focuses on Thor, who is a god from Norse mythology. The movie explores his return to his birthplace after a long time to find that his father is dead and his sister will rule the city.

Teaming up with renowned superheroes like Hulk and Doctor Strange, he must battle against his sister Hela to rescue his people and protect their world. Unlike lots of other big movies, some of the actors in this one talk with a New Zealand accent, or as they call it, a Kiwi accent. It has loads of hilarious moments that give you a sense of humour in current English-speaking culture and preferences.


Wonder Woman

Diana, an Amazon princess trained as a warrior on a secluded island, learns about an ongoing war from a pilot. Driven to stop the conflict, she transforms into Wonder Woman, utilising her unique powers to bring peace to the outside world.

Wonder Woman presents a glimpse into the First World War, providing a sense of the era for English speakers. Immersed in military slang, these characters employ terms like "no man’s land" and "snipers," enriching your understanding of the historical context. It serves as a linguistic and cultural window into the impactful events of the time.


Star Wars

Star Wars is an iconic science fiction adventure series portraying an epic battle between the benevolent Jedi Order and the evil Sith Lords, tapping into the mystical "Force" that binds the universe. The saga explores contrasting philosophies, with Jedi emphasising compassion and Sith relying on negative emotions like hate and anger.

Star Wars is an American classic offering English speakers a shared cultural reference point. Ideal for advanced learners seeking a challenge, it introduces coined terms like "Jedi," enhancing language skills and pop culture awareness.

Tips for Language Learning through Movies

Now that you have learned the top 10 English movies, let’s head over to the bonus tips for learning English through movies. Go ahead to the points below. 

  • Use Subtitles Wisely: You should use subtitles to enhance your understanding, so begin with native subtitles and switch to the proficiency level of English. This helps to associate spoken words with their written version.

  • Pause and Repeat: To improve pronunciation, pause and repeat complicated sentences while watching a movie. Further, re-watch sequences to improve understanding, vocabulary, and phrases.

  • Discuss and Reflect: You should engage in discussions about the movie. Reflecting on characters, storylines, and themes with peers or language partners fosters speaking abilities, cultural insights, and critical thinking.

  • Create Vocabulary Lists: You must document unfamiliar terms and sort vocabulary lists by theme or frequency. Also, regularly check and practise movie-related vocabulary to enhance general language fluency and retention.


To conclude, learning the top 10 English movies provides a dynamic and enjoyable language acquisition experience. The list of best movies to learn English mentioned above caters to varied language levels and gives you rich exposure to vocabulary, cultural contexts, and diverse accents. Coupled with the suggested tips, these English movies for learning English promise an engaging journey towards proficiency as well as cultural understanding.

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Ideal movies for learning English have clear dialogues, diverse vocabulary, and cultural relevance. They cater to different language levels and often feature British accents that enrich the linguistic experience.

British accent movies expose you to various English accents, helping you understand linguistic diversity. This exposure enhances listening skills and provides a well-rounded language learning experience.

These movies offer an immersive language-learning experience. They enrich vocabulary, improve listening skills, and provide cultural context. The diverse themes and accents make them engaging tools for students to enhance their language proficiency.

Subtitles aid understanding by associating spoken words with their written form. Starting with native subtitles and gradually switching to English helps learners at different proficiency levels, providing valuable support in language acquisition.

Yes, the top 10 English movies cater to various language levels. They offer a spectrum of language complexity, making them suitable for beginners and advanced learners. Each film provides unique linguistic challenges and opportunities for growth.


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