Describe Something you Taught to Your Friend/Relative: IELTS Speaking Cue Card

Describe something you taught to your friend/ relative - IELTS speaking cue card

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Describe something you Taught to your Friend Relative


In order to score well in the speaking cue card section of the IELTS exam, it is essential to practice consistently and attempt different cue card topics because the examiner evaluates your skills to articulate and convey your thoughts clearly in this part. 

This blog is dedicated to exploring the complexities of replying to a common IELTS speaking cue card topic: "Describe something you taught to your friend/ relative." This topic emphasises the importance of personal thoughts and viewpoints, allowing test-takers to demonstrate their linguistic abilities.

Describe something you taught to your friend/ relative cue card - sample answer 1


Giving knowledge not only benefits the recipient but also offers a sense of fulfilment to the other who is teaching. I will now talk about the advice I gave to my relative or acquaintance. 


What did you teach him/her?

She is the daughter of my father’s friend, who lives in America. Her name is Adiya. Since she was born in America and educated there only, she has no idea how to cook Indian meals. So, I decided to teach her some simple recipes she can cook effortlessly. 


When was it?

Though earlier, we guys met when I visited America with my parents for a trip. But this time, Adiya came to India after a very long time. She travelled to India to work on her project-related tasks. Two days following her arrival in India, I stayed with her. She mastered the fundamental recipes throughout those two days. 


How long was it for?

Despite my two days of instruction, she could not perform the task accurately or perfectly. She occasionally calls to check in to see if she cooks correctly. 


And explain how you felt about it.

I had a great time teaching her. We laughed a lot because she was unaware of the proper names for certain substances. She blends one thing with another if I tell her to. Moreover, the entire recipe was ruined. 



She thanked me for teaching her simple cooking methods. However, since she supported me during the days I was there in her place, it was my responsibility to assist her.

Describe something you taught to your friend/ relative cue card - sample answer 2


Knowledge exchange is the most beautiful thing in the world. It's always a good idea to impart valuable or significant teachings to loved ones. It enhances your skills and benefits others. Our friends, parents, siblings, cousins, and educators are all great sources of knowledge for us. I enjoy passing on skills and knowledge to my friends and family. 


What did you teach him/her?

I'll be discussing the English language skills I taught my friend here. He required my help to get a better IELTS score because he intended to pursue higher studies overseas. 


When was it?

My friend Nishant recently graduated from high school and expressed a desire to pursue further study in Australia. He approached me and requested my assistance in honing his English. Since I can speak the language well, I decided to help him improve. 


How long was it for?

We decided to put all four modules—speaking, reading, writing, and listening—into practice. As a result, I became his tutor for a few months and gave him lessons every day. We worked on our speaking and writing skills, and I provided him with thorough feedback on his areas of weakness. After a month, he began discussing long, good articles on a range of topics. 


And explain how you felt about it.

I also felt good about myself for supporting my friend in realising his aspirations. When he took the exam, he became an advanced language user, and I was happy for him to get a 7.5 band. He thanked me for helping him get the score he wanted. 



Overall, it was an excellent experience for both of us, and we enjoyed studying together.

Describe something you taught to your friend/ relative cue card - sample answer 3


It is undeniably a unique talent in this day and age to be able to teach and impart specific skills to others. By teaching others, people can even enhance their cognitive and sensory capacities. However, I would like to make clear a very important lesson I gave my cousin Ayan today. 


What did you teach him/her?/ When was it?

I gave him some cooking lessons during his summer vacation. This is an intriguing ability that needs to be known to all. To help him learn faster, we also agreed to routinely prepare one or two other cuisines. 


How long was it for?

It only took him roughly two months to master this ability. I can now confirm that he is a really good chef. After mastering this technique, he prepared a unique meal for the family, and we really enjoyed it. 


And explain how you felt about it.

Additionally, I was really happy that I had improved my experience with that talent after teaching him to cook. Even if I don't get the chance, I want to start a cooking-related YouTube channel where people from all over the world can learn. 



So, I taught my cousin how to cook using this technique. And I really enjoyed teaching him this skill.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 - Follow up questions

Question: What are things that young people can teach old people to do?

Answer: Older people can learn many things from children, including mental activities like puzzles. Seniors who enjoy puzzles can remain active and youthful. Additionally, the younger generation can instruct them on the use of technological devices like laptops and cell phones because it's crucial to understand technology in this era.


Question: Why do older people have problems learning new things?

Answer: Maybe it's because of their age. The explanation is that an individual's capacity for learning decreases with age. In addition, they have developed their own mindset from having lived a significant portion of their lives. They are not flexible enough to pick up new skills because they are used to doing things a specific way. 


Question: Do you think showing is a better way than telling during education?

Answer: Indeed, demonstrating is a better teaching strategy than narrating since it helps students visualise concepts better. Since online learning is more common in our technological age, videos have taken centre stage in the classroom. For example, teachers in schools also use smart classrooms to teach pupils. Additionally, the brain processes images more quickly than words. 


Question: Do you think constant training is important for people to study something?

Answer: Indeed, the secret to success is practice. I seem to recall seeing a video once that claimed one could become an expert at something after devoting roughly 3 months to it. I completely concur. I recall teaching my mother how to use YouTube appropriately, and since she uses it so frequently, she is more knowledgeable about it than I am. 


Question: What would you prefer: learning from friends or from teaching? 

Answer: I think it's better to learn from my friend as I can question her about anything I'm not sure about. However, receiving instruction from a teacher will enable us to get the knowledge that even our friends are unaware of.  


Question: Who is the best teacher for a child?

Answer: The best teachers in every person’s life would be their parents. Our parents are the first ones who teach us the values of life, which is a very important thing. 


Question: Why is a teacher important in our life?

Answer: By directing us, teachers significantly impact how our future will turn out. They are the ones who convey wisdom, instruct us on all things significant, and offer their entire expertise by being transparent about what they know.

How to Manage Your Time while Responding to IELTS Cue Card Questions

Throughout the Cue Card section, time management is essential. Learn useful time-management techniques to increase your output:

  • Make the most of your preparation time by organising and brainstorming.

  • During your two minutes of speaking, focus on two to three important concepts that are pertinent to the subject. Start with the introduction, then the main body, and then the conclusion. 

  • To elucidate and provide additional detail to your primary ideas, concentrate on the follow-up questions.


With dedication and hard work in the right direction, you can easily prepare for the IELTS speaking cue card test.

We hope you are now clear on how to answer cue card questions like “Describe something you taught to your friend/ relative” type of IELTS speaking cue card questions. But, still, if you want to get further details on how to prepare for IELTS, you can contact Prepare IELTS Exam(PI) expert counsellors for additional guidance. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best test material and guidance to ace the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session and an IELTS online practice test via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388 for further queries.


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